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Adama knows, though. They've just sent the Raider fleet a little virus of their own. Tigh gives CAG Apollo the go-ahead to start blowing the entire jump to hell, which is nice as a catharsis for the pilots but kind of sucky as far as utility: at worst, they're scrap metal, plus the fact that once you scoop out their brains (which, let's talk about that a second), they're basically just ships like any other fighter-class ship, which we're at this point building by hand.

Starbuck and Apollo are very happy in their blue fighter light. All the pilots say that silly Top Gun "Wooooo-hoo-hoo!" and "Got this toaster padlocked!" stuff that pilots are compelled to say when shit blows up. Apollo says something like "This...this is payback." For what? Coming to kill you today? Well, I guess he's got a personal beef right now due to the strangling almost to death earlier today, so I'll allow it. Also there's destroying his whole civilization.

Back in CIC, Adama orders the Marines to take "this thing" back to her cell, so I guess we've made no interpersonal headway there. But I guess strategically he had about a thousand scenarios running, between the restart and the Raider drift, including Sharon's killing him some more, taking over the entire ship herself, keeping the system offline long enough for them all to die, and so on. But the thing is, he at least knew her official plan, which is more than we got.

In the hangar, Tyrol is having trouble reaching a connection up inside the new fighter. Cally helps him, and even though he's nicer to her than he has been since she came out of the brig, she's still not sure if they're cool. "Ship's got more than one engine. Get to it," he says gruffly, and she smiles, because everything's okay. I'm not as happy about this as you might be, because she totally shot Sharon, but I just thought about what it would be like if Chief were pissed at me, and I'd totally freak out.

Starbuck's getting all manic because they're so close to finishing the fighter, but they're out of metal for the hull. Helo comes walking in with a bright idea.

We cut to some time later, and the thing is finished and it's very pretty. It looks very industrial, kind of stealth fighter-y, all line and angle and strange black skin. I think Helo used to work for Nissan. Lee and Kara congratulate Helo on the idea of using "carbon composite," and Lee notes that this will make it hard to see on dradis, which is of course French for "Space Radar."

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