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Blackbird Singing In The Dead Of Night

Starbuck's in the launch bay checking her instruments. Dualla clears the "Blackbird" for launch, and at the risk of a second X-Men reference in one episode: Ha! Totally! As we go through the usual checks and clearances and jargon, Starbuck curses at the Blackbird quietly, begging it not to kill her. Finally, she launches, and it's very Voltron, very zoomy and Freudian, and Dualla calls it over comm: "Blackbird is away." It's kind of thrilling.

Starbuck's having trouble controlling the Blackbird, but since Starbuck is God's Frigging Gift to Aeronautics, nobody will believe that, so Apollo yells at her for showing off and they bicker. She finally stabilizes and thanks the Lords, then flares and disappears with a Whoo! Unable to locate Starbuck, Apollo gets concerned. His voice gets up into registers we haven't heard since the mini-series, when his voice was six octaves higher than it usually is these days. Tyrol, in particular, is worried, because if the Blackbird won't sing, that means his life is just as over as it was when he figured out about Helo and Boomer. Dualla reports that there's still no dradis contact, and Apollo shrieks some more. Dualla and Gaeta are very worried, and then Tyrol is very worried as Apollo asks quietly, "Kara, are you okay?" That part kind of got to me.

Starbuck comes in dark, floating up before Apollo, and then turns on her interiors, smiling as usual like a total lunatic: "Of course you lost contact. It's a damned stealth ship, remember?" Everyone in the bay -- which is everyone -- applauds as the music swells. Lee starts screaming at her like a fishwife, but she just laughs, beautiful and triumphant. ["Tigh: Jacob :: Starbuck: me." -- Strega] ["And vice versa, like, you think Tigh's fine and I think Starbuck is super-stupendous, which is somehow the weirder part in my opinion. You'd think we'd at least find each other's nemeses slightly irritating or something." -- Jacob]

Later, everybody's in full rank and file and in ceremony dress. Figurski "Commander on deck"s Roslin into the hangar. Chief nods to Laura and introduces her to the Blackbird. "Madam President, this is an honor." She goes the modesty route, saying that the honor is hers, and that the Blackbird is "remarkable." He out-modesties her with a respectful "Just a ship, ma'am." Cally and the other crew sign their Blackbird -- even Hotdog -- as Roslin gives a short speech: "After what we've been through, it would be very easy to give up, to lose hope. But not here. Not today. This is more than a ship, Chief. This is an act of faith. It is proof that despite all we've lost, we keep trying. And we will get through this, all of us, together. I promise." Everybody stands at attention, wondering why Roslin's giving the usual speech Adama gives them, but noticing how it makes a lot more sense, on a word-by-word basis. Tyrol offers Roslin a bottle of champagne and then slips a sheet off the nose of the Blackbird, revealing it's to be christened the Laura. Roslin is in tears, and I'm...see, this show gets to me the way that only old-school West Wing gets to me. Buffy. Farscape, even. You see it coming from a mile away and then POW! They get you anyway. Bastards. And then on a meta level they get you again, because: she's so dead, dude. The whole crew of the Galactica giving her this military honor out of nowhere? Come on. Laura tries to speak, finally choking out a simple "Thank you."Adama invites her to "do the honors," and she's lovable and bumbling as she figures out what that means. She rears back with the bottle of champagne and rushes forward, and everyone freaks out because it's like the only bottle of champagne left in the entire universe, and she giggles. "Kidding." It's a very funny, cute moment. Adama turns with approval to look at Tigh, who's like, "I'd fucking kill her myself." Roslin opens the bottle cutely, like a tipsy librarian, and hands it off. Tyrol takes a big old gulp. Racetrack makes amends with Helo under the guise of congratulating him on the carbon composites, and then she and the other pilots and crew shake his hand. Toasterfuckers 2, Haters 0.

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