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Blackbird Singing In The Dead Of Night

So of course we jump back to Tyrol, who's making the subtext into kinda creepy text, running his hands some more along the wounded Viper, with some flashbacks to running his hands all over Sharon mixed in. DO YOU GET IT YET? On the other hand, this explains why he was in the Officers' Mess last night fucking the actual toaster. I told him I wouldn't tell anybody but you can't trust a recapper. Then, in a nod to the way the whole show has been treating my beloved Boomer, Tyrol jerks out a whole mess of wires, the Viper's heart, which is actually pretty unsettling considering he was at about third base with ol' 289er 'til just now. He slaps on a big old sticker that reads "UNSERVICEABLE - SCRAP," and goes off looking for a drink.

Can I take a sec here? Because that's awesome. You've got this show about man vs. machine, and they're both using machines in the conflict, right, but then you've got a man in love with a machine, mourning that relationship using this fourth machine, and then attempting to remedy the non-machine void that the romance has left in him by building a fifth machine. Which itself becomes a symbol of the future of the fleet, not to mention a tribute to a completely unrelated person. During all of which, the big machine they all live in becomes a traitor, and they can only be saved by the original bad guy machine, who's now a POW -- and having a human-machine baby. That's structure on a level I might actually need a machine to help me understand. ["You're all deep and stuff. I was just thinking it'd be funny if Tyrol slapped another one of those stickers across Boomer's face." -- Strega]

Speaking of Jack Ruby -- I wasn't, was I? -- Cally herself is being welcomed back to the Tool Room. There's a banner with crazy Tim Burton writing on it, and jam jars of moonshine, and everybody claps for her: "Yeah! Your criminally lenient sentence is finally up! Please, violently deprive us of yet more priceless founts of information! Don't ever grow the fuck up! We love it!" Seelix (apparently; I told you they all look the same: jumpsuits and dirty faces) and Jammer welcome Cally back with some racist bullshit about her lame sentence, and Figurski winds up his foot to go directly into his mouth when he says she should have gotten a medal for killing Sharon...just as Tyrol's walking up. Cally's all set to thank Tyrol for pleading her case, and instead of biting her ear off, which is what I should have done, he only slightly tells her to fuck off (well, he says "Forget it," but it's in his tone) before welcoming her back with a hearty "I need all the knuckledraggers I can get." Feel the love, people.

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