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Apollo, Starbuck and Hotdog are in the Galactica firing range. All the practice sheets have Boomer's face. Nice. It's this kind of shit, people. Starbuck joshes Apollo about his aggressive shooting, and he tells her to shut up, all hardcore. Either he's still pissed about not getting to play with Boomer's Viper, or we missed a scene, or we're meant to infer that he was present somewhere in the last scene. Which, by the way, have we just forgotten about Apollo's relationship with Roslin? It's one of the best things on the show. Starbuck starts giggling, which is never good, talking about how Racetrack is similarly touchy. Apollo makes the valid point that Kara is not exactly Miss Manners, and Starbuck giggles some more about how Apollo's also been riding Chief pretty hard. Officiously, Apollo explains that he merely reminded Chief to keep ship maintenance a priority over this new hobby. Starbuck: "Nice! I'm surprised he didn't take a swing at you." Okay, as a side note? When Kara Fracking Thrace has to explain how to avoid people's touchy spots, you're in what we call a downward spiral. Also, the giggling starts to make a horrific kind of sense as we see the oxygen levels dropping in the firing range.

Off Apollo's dismissive snort about the new fighter's chances at flight, Starbuck bets him 50 cubits it's going to fly, and then allows herself to be baited into volunteering for the virgin flight. Dumb old Hotdog tries to get in on this conversation and is totally rebuffed, because just as with Kara's giggling, Lee reacts to depleted oxygen levels by...guess what? That's right: getting bitchy. They discuss how Starbuck's a full-on danger freak and totally rides the wave of adrenaline or whatever -- all that stuff they always talk about with her and her innate bad-assery because they still have to apologize three times every episode for making her female, and Hotdog is getting very awkward and losing motor skills by the second, because that's how he reacts to asphyxiation -- by getting dumber. I love how even this minor set of character references makes total sense: this is actually how these three people would react to something like this. Kara chortles through calling Lee to task for messing with Chief, who's actually doing something "positive" while everyone else is "standing around whining." There's some of that flirting they do so well, and then dumb old Hotdog collapses. Causing Kara to laugh hysterically, even as they're dropping to his side. "His lips are blue. You look like a blueberry!" she shouts, and as usual, Katee Sackhoff manages to somehow slide through the gap between girlish and ghoulish like she's paper-thin. I'd never thought about that being something you could be good at, but she's so good at it, especially in these very extenuating circumstances. Apollo informs us that "there's no oxygen in here. There's no oxygen in here. There's no oxygen." He follows up this very observant and not at all redundant comment by trying the hatch for a sec and then...throwing himself repeatedly at the window glass like a retarded gypsy moth. I love this man.

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