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Blackbird Singing In The Dead Of Night

After commercial, Starbuck has finally stopped laughing and now looks super-creepy and on death's door. She finds her guns, firing at the hatch window. She misses three times, twice on the lock and once at the window, cracking it, before she's all out. (You're totally in a firing range, know what, never mind. There's a lot going on right now and I respect that.) Then there's a pretty neat choreographed moment where she helps Apollo load an explosive round, and we focus on their hands, together, firing at the weakened window. The hatch explodes open and Starbuck's hand drops, still holding the gun. "Nice shot," she says, and they collapse, this genuinely smiling pair on the gratified carpet.

In CIC, Gaeta tells us what we just saw: Environmental suddenly decided that the firing range was overpressurized, and automatically started bleeding out air. Lee's feeling the drama, all, "Two more minutes, and we'd have been dead." Adama moans about all the ongoing computer trouble, and Gaeta tells us they've figured out the problem. Tigh goes, "What is that?" (Remember that for later. That's twice.) Gaius Baltar is suddenly on the scene, looking bughouse as usual, and explains that it's a "Cylon logic bomb" -- a "heuristic computer virus...capable of learning, evolving...waiting to be activated." "Heuristic," in this context, means pretty much everything implied by the phrase "logic bomb," does it not? Gaius, because he can be awesome, goes on: "No doubt left behind when the Cylons infiltrated the network Colonel Tigh set up the day you were shot, sir." Heh. Adama, not getting the "learning and evolving" part of it, goes, "That was [at the beginning of the season, although he says] weeks ago! Why now?" Gaeta explains about basic network encryption and goes over the "learning and evolving" part again, and also points out that the stuff with the electrical and environmental systems is a toddler way of testing its control. "How do you kill it?" asks Adama, who is rad. Gaius calls this the tricky part: "If it's a Cylon virus, it is extremely difficult to eradicate," and, like, he should know, because he's got one in his head. And probably in his trousers, come to think of it. Adama says he's pretty lucky, because there's an expert on board, and for a second I'm scared he means Mr. Squirrely Vice-President himself, which would doom us all, but then he gets all chilling and goes, "Tell Helo to run this past our prisoner."

I do not like Adama and Boomer interacting. It's too messy. Sometimes literally. But mostly I know he's got to get through a whole bunch of shit before he can actually deal with the fact of her, and it means everything takes twice as long, because everything ends up coming back to Boomer, and she makes his brain run slower, because of the PTSD. If I were Boomer and I saw Adama on Caprica, I would have dropped to my knees immediately and put his gun to my head, because that's the only way you get a guy like that to chill out, because he's totally not going to kill you execution-style in front of his kid and both your boyfriends. If you don't force it, he's going to strangle you and then be mad about it forever. Which is what has happened. But then, Boomer's a robot, so maybe she wouldn't know that. So she said, like, "Hi," and then acted all long-suffering when he freaked out on her, and she's still doing it.

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