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Paths Of Glory

Cottle moves down the corridor and into sickbay, and there's some medspeak to establish that Adama is still bleeding internally. Tigh asks if Adama will survive, and Cottle snaps, "How should I know? I'm not a psychic. Now get the hell out of here." Hee. I love Cottle.

Credits. 47,862 survivors. I would have liked it if there were more casualties from last week. Not hundreds, but a few dozen wouldn't have been unreasonable.

Commercials. You know, I saw the original Tripping The Rift short a long time ago, and I was amused by it. The current ads for the show put me off terribly, though, because they make it look like it is the sort of show that it is (or was, at least) lampooning.

We return to more medspeak, and I worry that we're going to have to spend a lot of the episode watching Cottle perform surgery even though we know Adama will pull through. But we won't. So that's all right, and it means I don't have to describe all of this stuff. Moving on...

Tigh wanders out of sickbay and pauses for a gulp from his handy ankle-flask. Billy, still lurking, asks after Adama and then mentions that he needs some meds for the Prez. Tigh snaps that Cottle's busy, and Billy whines that the Prez is ill. She is? I know the first two episodes were kind of crammed, but I can't help feeling like there should have been one between last week's and this week's to better establish the ongoing meltdowns of the various leaders in this episode. Because it feels kind of sudden in all three storylines. Anyway, Tigh whirls on Billy and asks, "Why aren't you in the brig?" Billy hesitantly explains, "Because no one put me in there?" Heh. Tigh stares at Billy for a moment like, "All right, then! Just checking," and walks on.

Tigh arrives in CIC, and spots Apollo going over some plans there. Tigh asks, "Why aren't you in the brig?" I love how that's his recurring question. Apollo says that he's on duty, planning the search and rescue mission. Tigh cluelessly yells at the crew for not telling him they lost a plane. After a moment of awkward silence, Apollo reminds Tigh about the Raptor that was lost on Kobol. Tigh's eyes flicker like, "Oh. That." Tigh still doesn't want Apollo in charge, and they bicker about that a little before Tigh gives up. Apollo expositions that they'll have to look for the lost Raptor's disaster beacon. He proposes sending two Raptors out to make some low-level orbits of Kobol. He also refers to the lost ship as "Raptor 3," although in the captions it's always been "Raptor 1." Oops. Tigh wonders whether Boomer could have lied about destroying the Cylon Basestar. Not that I'm not completely biased about Tigh, but I do think that little line demonstrates that, even three sheets to the wind, he's still good at thinking critically about military operations. He's just not good at dealing with people. Which is probably why I like him. Apollo says that Racetrack confirmed that the Basestar was destroyed, and that he also reviewed the gun camera footage from Boomer's Raptor. Tigh casts about for someone else to yell at, and spies Gaeta. Gaeta ahems, "It's the press." Tigh does not say, "Why aren't they in the brig?," probably because they kind of are. At least, they're being held somewhere, and they're getting a bit cranky about it. Gaeta says, "They're demanding to know how much longer we plan on holding them, and when they can contact their home ships." Tigh says that they're in no position to make demands, and concludes, "We'll get to them in due time." Dualla says that a shuttle from the Zephyr is requesting permission to land. She adds, "The Quorum of Twelve is aboard. They're demanding to see you." Hearing his least-favorite word, Tigh repeats, "They 'demand'?" Apollo chirps, "Demanding job, commanding a Battlestar." Point for Apollo. Tigh shoots Apollo a dirty look and tells Dualla to put the Quorum in the Ward Room until he has time to deal with them.

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