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Paths Of Glory

Brig. The Prez is sleeping, then suddenly shrieks and sits up. Venner asks Billy what's wrong with her, and Billy non-explains that the Prez is sick. The Prez stands and stares at Billy until he helpfully greets her by asking, "Can I get you anything while you're in the brig?" The Prez pants weirdly and thanks Billy. She quietly says, "I'm finding it hard to think. It's withdrawal." Billy confirms that she's coming down from the chamalla, and says that he's trying to get her more. The Prez urges, "Go fast." Exit Billy, while a concerned Venner stares at the Prez.

Kobol. The Galacticans continue spying on the Cylons. Meanwhile, Baltar is gradually turning into Marcus Cole. How unexpected. At least his hair doesn't look as greasy as it did last week. He mutters, "It's all so pointless," and walks into the Fortress of Crazytude (née Domicylon). Except it's unclear that he's done that at first, so it really just looks like someone made all the trees go away. Then there's a disorienting pull back to reveal the Fortress, and I think I see what they were trying to do, but it just didn't work. Baltar grumbles, "We kill them. And they kill us. So we kill more of them. They kill more of us. What's the point anymore?" No point, it's just fun. Six says, "You and your race invented murder. Invented killing for sport, greed, envy. It's man's one true art form." Well, I don't think that's entirely accurate, but: aha! See, the Cylons are trying to figure out what makes us human. Religion, birth, murder...Eventually they'll get to voyeurism, and invent reality television. Oh, or maybe they already have, and the iSpies are just cameras! Where were we? Right: murder. Baltar asks why God wants them to bring a child into this world. Maybe there weren't any other worlds handy? Six, of course, claims that the child will offer Baltar salvation: "But only if you accept your role as her father. And her guardian." Baltar jiggles his head like a chicken and finally protests that he's not really cut out for the job. Man, these super-close-ups are distracting. He says, "I'm not a moral leader capable of leading anyone, let alone a baby." Six snaps, "Be a man, Gaius!" Heh. She adds, "The time is coming when you'll have to act like one."

Cut to Baltar leaning against a tree while Tyrol points something out to Crashdown. A little distance away from the missile launcher, there's a dradis dish. Tyrol figures, "They're building an anti-aircraft battery." Cally points out that there aren't any aircraft around, and Tyrol explains that the Galactica is going to be sending ships out to find them. Everyone looks fretful, but maybe not fretful enough to justify the sudden dramatic flourish on the soundtrack.

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