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Paths Of Glory

Hangar deck. Apollo strolls past and throws some exposition at Tigh, who's unable to pass it on before being tagged by Dualla. She gives Tigh a stack of paperwork and explains that the priority messages are on top. Tigh takes them while asking Apollo when the rescue team will head out. Then he asides, "Come on, Dee, these are all marked priority." Heh. Dualla apologizes that they came in that way, and Apollo says that they should be ready to go in ninety minutes. Tigh screams, "We've got men down on that fracking planet!" Crickets chirp as everyone stares at Tigh, and he tries to collect himself by resorting to yet another mention of the brig. Eventually, Tigh continues his pedeconference with Dualla, and confirms that the Quorum is in the Ward Room. Which almost rhymes. Almost. He asks, "Don't suppose you wanna do this for me?" Dualla calmly say that she's not much for public speaking. Heh.

Ward Room. Oh! It's the all-purpose room they use for meetings and formal dinners! Thank heavens I know what to call it now. So the Quorum are all yammering, and Tigh yammers back, and I take a moment to admire the sashes of the Quorumites. I guess the sashes are somehow representative of each colony, because they're all very different. Tigh tells them, "Laura Roslin suborned mutiny and sedition aboard this ship. She caused a key military asset to be lost at a critical moment!" The Quorum is unmoved. One member gets up in Tigh's face and gets as far as saying, "[Adama] had absolutely no authority --" before Zarek interrupts to proclaim that Adama is preparing to create a military dictatorship. He asks Tigh to confirm that, and Tigh says he can't speak for Adama. Hm. I didn't catch that the first time, but that's a weird moment for Tigh to say that he can't say what Adama intended. Zarek asks if Tigh is declaring martial law, and Tigh quickly says no, because Adama "hated the very idea of martial law. He believed in freedom and democracy and all that good stuff." That was odd. I mean, the conversation goes: "Was Adama going to declare martial law?" "I can't say." "Are you going to?" "No, because Adama hated martial law." It's hard to tell if it's Tigh or the writing that's confused. Anyway, Zarek says that since it's still a democracy, "and all that good stuff," heh, he moves that the Quorum demand access to the Prez. The motion carries. And Tigh reacts by dropping his pen into a glass of water and sniffing, "I will take your demand under advisement." Out he goes.

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