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Paths Of Glory

Brig. A woman says "Madam President?" as we see the Prez muttering into her pillow. The woman, who is of course Ellen Tigh, calls, "Laura!" and the Prez wakes up. She sits up shakily and stares at her visitor. Ellen asks if she can get the Prez anything. The Prez wobbles toward the bars and carefully says that she'd like to see her attorney. Ellen snickers, and then realizes that the Prez is serious. Ellen asks the Prez if she knows where she is. The Prez answers, "I'm in jail." Ellen asks if the Prez knows who Ellen is. The Prez apologetically says, "Have we met?," and then winces and clutches her head. She moves back to her bed and says that there's a ringing sound. She rocks back and forth on the bed, holding her ears. Ellen's like, "Oooookay," and leaves. Venner watches as the Prez moans in pain. Is he the only guard? Shouldn't there be shifts? Suddenly, the Prez seems to recover, and then gasps, "Oh my gods! Ellen Tigh!" At his desk, Venner starts fiddling with a rosary or worry beads or whatever.

Kobol. Baltar climbs along a fallen tree trunk, which we for some reason are viewing from below and at a ninety-degree angle. Dude, knock it off. He spies on the Cylons. Brief montage of everyone else peering through binoculars while Crashdown describes what they've learned. The missile launcher has no built-in guidance stem. Cally reports that one Cylon walks the perimeter. Baltar says that the dradis dish is guarded by two Cylons, "I think." Wah-wah. Crashdown asks if the Cylons are guarding the dish continuously. Baltar says, "I saw two Centurions through the field glasses continuously, for five minutes. In that time, they didn't leave their post." Back to the flashback of incomprehensible camera angles. While spying, Baltar sees one of the Cylons turn and seem to look right at him. He jumps, and drops the binoculars. As he sweatily retreats, the Cylons walk away from the dish. Aw, look at their flat little feet. I wonder if this whole war is actually a quest for better arch support. The problem for me here is that Baltar does say he only watched for five minutes. Even if that were true, that seems like really shitty data to go on. And nobody mentions that, not even god-among-men Tyrol.

Anyway, Crashdown sums things up: three Cylons by the missile launcher, and two by the dish. He asks whether Baltar has ever used a weapon. It takes Baltar a minute to realize he's being addressed, and then he notes with some exasperation that he's not a soldier. Crashdown hrms that he's going to need every man. Tyrol asks if Crashdown is really planning to attack the Cylons. Crashdown calmly claims that they owe it to Socinus and Targ. He adds that they have equal numbers, and the element of surprise. Except that the Cylons do know they're out there. So it'll be a surprise, but the kind of surprise that the Cylons probably expect. If you know what I mean. Tyrol pulls Crashdown aside for a chat. As they move behind some soundproof bushes, Baltar tells Selix, "He's crazy." Heh. He adds, "I've never fired a gun in my life." Selix says she hasn't used a gun since Basic. Baltar looks at Cally, who smirks, "I just joined to pay for dental school."

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