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Paths Of Glory

Crashdown gives Baltar his sidearm and announces that it's time to move out. As everyone gets up, Crashdown drapes Socinus and Targ's dogtags around his neck.

During the commercials, Crashdown starts asking who ate the strawberries, what happened to his palm tree, and whether anybody's seen a white whale.

Tigh's quarters. Tigh rolls a nearly empty bottle over a collection of photographs of Adama. He seems to have spread the photos all over his desk, perhaps in preparation for a lovely scrapbook he's working on. Hey, Tigh should have hobbies, too. I mean, Adama makes model ships, Starbuck paints, and the Prez likes mysteries. Tigh could take up scrapbooking. And Apollo could knit. The phone buzzes, and Dualla announces that the Quorum isn't getting any less cranky. Tigh tells her, "Maybe we should tell them to shove their demand up their collective asses, how about that?" Ellen chuckles in the background, and I have to give props to Kate Vernon for finding such a wonderfully annoying way to chuckle. She sounds like an engine that won't start. Unless of course that's how Vernon always laughs, in which case: I'm just kidding, ha ha! Up in CIC, Dualla makes a "chug-a-lug" gesture to a watching Gaeta. Or else she's a headbanger. Now that would be an awesome hobby for Dualla. Dualla tells Tigh that the sentries need some instructions for dealing with the Quorum. Tigh says that the Quorum will get to see "what has become of their precious president."

Venner, the loneliest guard in the fleet, walks down a heavily guarded corridor. In his hand is a little bottle of pills. He hands it off to a stealthy Billy, who heads for the brig.

The Raptors arrive in orbit around Kobol. They detect a Colonial signal coming from a valley, and move down to investigate.

Down on the planet, the Galacticans are within sight of the Cylon missile launch. Crashdown tells Cally to move out for her role as decoy. Tyrol interrupts, and says that there are five Cylons at the missile launcher, not the three they expected. Baltar moans that there's something wrong with the plan. Crashdown asks if Baltar is totally sure about seeing two Cylons at the dish. Baltar ums, "I know what I saw." Tyrol says that the two from the dish could have joined the others, in which case there's nobody defending the dish right now. Crashdown moans, "That dish is, like, almost a click away." Tyrol, reasonably, asks, "So what?" His argument is cut off when there's a roaring noise, which Tyrol identifies as spacecraft entering the atmosphere. Crashdown figures that there's no time to argue; they have to take out the Cylons now, before the rescue party comes within range.

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