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Paths Of Glory

Everyone grabs their weapons and gets ready to move. Except Cally, who gets about two feet before she's almost hyperventilating. Crashdown tells her to get going. She whispers, "I can't." Tyrol takes this opportunity to argue in favor of going for the dish again. Crashdown tries to urge Cally on. Then all of that happens again. Selix moans that there are five Cylons instead of three. Baltar just looks like a frightened rabbit. Crashdown tries a more personal approach with Cally, saying, "Frack orders, frack court martial. Our people are up there. We have to save them. We don't have any time. Move!" Cally repeats that she can't, and screeches, "Nooo!" And then Crashdown points his sidearm at her. Tyrol turns, sees what's going on, and tries to calm Crashdown. Crashdown insists, "You're going out there or I'm gonna blow your brains out." He does the "I'm gonna count to three" thing as Cally sobs. Selix accurately notes, "This is crazy." Crashdown says, "One..." and then Tyrol draws his own gun on Crashdown and tells him to drop his weapon. Crashdown says, "Two..." Cally, you know, you could run the other way. Not that I really blame her if she's not thinking clearly at this point, but I'm just saying. Crashdown tearfully sniffs, "Three," and there's a gunshot. Crashdown collapses against a tree, revealing Baltar holding a gun behind him. The smoke wafting up from Baltar's barrel is a particularly nice touch, I think. Tyrol's expression says, "Fuck." Cally sobs. Baltar looks around like, "What'd I do?" And just as the tension eases, the Cylons open fire. Eek! The camera swings around to show them moving toward the Galacticans, and Tyrol screams, "Fall back!" Well, yeah. They scramble over the ground, and as he passes, Tyrol snatches the three sets of dogtags around Crashdown's neck. Baltar, being of a more practical mindset, stretches out to pick up Crashdown's rifle. Then he looks up at Crashdown's body, and then Six is standing above him. Six says, "Now you're a man." Baltar grabs the rifle and runs.

In the Raptor, Apollo gets an ETA of five minutes.

Everyone runs through the woods. It's like The Blair Witch Project, except you can actually tell what's going on. As Selix leaps over a tree trunk, she's hit in the leg, although the camera seems to be focused on her ass. I can't imagine why. She falls, wailing, and Cally turns and helps Selix to get up.

The Raptors fly over the ruins.

More running, more bullets flying. There's enough of this to make it seem reasonable that they've run about a kilometer. Tyrol scrambles up a hillside and takes cover behind a tree. He looks up at the dradis dish that's looming nearby. Baltar turns up, and fires back at the Cylons while Tyrol takes aim at the dish with what I guess is a rocket launcher. Before Tyrol can fire, he's hit in the right arm, and drops his weapon. The dradis dish swings around toward the Raptors flying above them. Tyrol calls for Baltar to hand him the launcher. Hey, how'd it get way over there? I guess maybe it slid down the hill. Baltar scrambles up, passes the launcher to Tyrol, and then resumes firing back at the Cylons.

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