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Things Fall Apart

Felix sings: "Alone she sleeps, in the shirt of man / With my three wishes clutched in her hand..." A man listens, a woman watches her husband sleeping. Laura listens. He gives them peace. "The first that she be spared the pain / That comes from a dark and laughing rain / When she finds love, may it always stay true ..." Lee enters her bedsit, and hears Felix. He stops in his tracks, transfixed. Such a voice, lying dormant in such a man, with such a broken and angry heart; such beauty born out of something so jagged and betrayed. You'd stand still too. Laura knows: "What a way to discover such a beautiful voice, huh?"

"How'd you find me?" Laura spits, and he says it was her Chief of Staff. ""...Needs to be horsewhipped." That's so Laura: this season alone she's pulled this routine with Lee and Bill, holding back the love she knows they're dying for, in order to move them back into place. To nudge them into position with a slap, without ever really letting go of them. Maybe even Kara. "If you came down here to kiss my ass to get information, save your breath." He shakes his head: the Quorum's considering a vote of no confidence. Felix's lament grows louder. "I won't compromise the success of this operation or the safety of this Fleet to indulge the neediness of twelve perpetually unhappy representatives. I can't." Felix rises, ever louder and more beautiful, and falls silent. Lee looks away.

"I was with them on the, uh, emergency jump. And I saw something in the faces of the Delegates. It wasn't anxiety from waiting, it went beyond that. I was anxious, it was my first time, but they... They were empty. The Quorum had given up." Laura looks away. "And then it struck me that after going through the same routine so many times, it was the only way that they could cope with the uncertainty. To presume the worst." She nods. She's seen it. She's seen it every time; written it on her heart. "You felt their suffering. Now try holding their lives in balance every day." But that's the one thing you never have to explain to Lee Adama: he feels it, even when he doesn't really get it.

"Talk to them. You don't have to tell them everything, I know how it works. Just talk to the Quorum. Let them put a face to this joint mission, let them hear from the Cylon leader, anything. Anything to put their fears to rest." Laura doesn't love it. But she loves him. She sighs. He's my favorite too.

(XVIII: Working On What Has Been Spoiled.)

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