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Things Fall Apart

Natalie sits on a Raptor, scared, heading back again to tell as much truth as she can. Tigh leads her toward Bill, as Athena searches the Opera House and Galactica at once, calling her name. She bumps into Dualla, who hasn't seen her, and keeps running. Natalie marches toward her; Laura and Gaius comes closer and closer. Galen's doing scut work, soldering, and without even a pause Athena tells him, breathless, "I can't find Hera." And with barely a pause, he follows her, concerned. The prophets of humanity come closer to the Hybrid. Hera stands alone in a corridor. Natalie and her Marine escort round the corner. Hera smiles.

Felix's song begins to play over the scene as Natalie stoops down, with a brilliant smile. She touches the girl's face, and embraces her. And in the Opera House, as Athena rounds the corner, Caprica's bending to her child, and taking her away into the future. Athena pulls a gun. "Hera! Get away from my child. Get your hands off of my child." Tigh cautions her, but she tells the Marines to stay back. Laura kneels at the Hybrid's side; looks down at her beautiful face. The water is still tortured, but Laura won't know that yet. "Plug it in. I need to talk to it." As the Eight reaches for the cable, Gaius quietly prays, "Let God's will be done." It will. "-- Shut up." No more metaphors. "It's time to get some answers." Helo stands to the President's side, a bishop.

Athena keeps her gun on Natalie, and quietly and calmly speaks to Galen: "Tyrol, will you come in here and take Hera, please?" Tigh urges him to get the kid out of there, and when he does, Natalie gets to experience what fear of mortality is actually like. "Is she gone?" asks Athena, without looking away; as the Eight plugs the Hybrid in; as Natalie's sad, terrified face becomes Caprica's, as the door closes with her and Hera on the other side; as Athena feels the ache of something taken away too many times, as she growls, "You are never gonna take my child," and Natalie swears they don't mean to, and Athena shoots her once, then again where she lies weeping, afraid and bleeding, dying in front of them all on the deck floor, on her birthday; and the Hybrid comes alive again, as the sparks in her eyes alight; and Gaeta sings, "To have her please / Just one day wake / To have her please / Just one day wake," and breathes until the pain returns, and he must sing again; and the Hybrid smiles, and breathes, and sings the jump; and Helo and the Dying Leader and the Chosen One are gone, in a flash of light.

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