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Things Fall Apart

"Good. Gods help us." Eight looks at Natalie; Natalie is afraid. It's her birthday. "Sysops of both vessels are synced," says Athena. Finally. All it took was a Dance and a death or two, and a birth or two: FTL fault corrected. "We're as ready as we're ever gonna be." Kara reminds her to remind Demetrius to set the board to green: "Unless both ships jump in together, Galactica will blow us out of the sky." If you explained the jinx concept to Kara, how much do you think she'd do differently?

On creaking Demetrius, Helo checks on Gaeta -- shivering and grey, leg like a Hybrid -- and calls the same song: "Sublight. Helm. Tactical. Nav. FTL... Board is green." I like it when they do that; I like the ceremony of it. All systems go.

Athena catches Natalie looking at her; Natalie smiles kindly. Sweetly. She'll lead her people and she'll start with this sister. "I was just thinking how beautiful she must be." Athena stares. "Your daughter, Hera." Sharon asks how Natalie knows her name; Sharon didn't even know she was alive, all that time they were throwing parties on the Basestars. "We all know her name. You were blessed." The fucking innocence, the disgusting and ingenuous smile upon her face: Sixes love God and children, but they understand little about either, and even less about anything else.

Because here's how fucking blessed Sharon Agathon is. She spent a season on doomed and rotting Caprica, chasing a boy through the forest, trying to make him fall in love. She found out how rarely you stay clean when love comes up. Got pregnant. Got a gun held to her head approximately eleven times before she ever got back to the scariest place in the universe. Was threatened with an eleventh-hour abortion by the first and most powerful of all humans; was operated on to keep that queen alive. Her child was born, and died in the cradle: all the hopes of two great races, dead. With fingers no larger than a thought.

They locked her up for a year, chained and screaming. And at the point of her greatest humanity, when she and Boomer truly switched places -- she became a Cylon in human skin rather than Boomer's human in Cylon skin -- her most broken sister told her a terrible secret. "The enemy has your miraculous child, who was stolen. And they are killing it." She committed complicated suicide, risked her life, watched her sister die, and brought the child back. That was months ago. She was blessed? She was fucked. Again, and again. And we're not done yet. The clock is running.

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