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Things Fall Apart

"Our ship can heal itself," Natalie explains, "But most of our Raiders were destroyed in the ambush. We're asking for your help here. We can't do it alone." Laura asks, with only a hint of snideness, what we the people could possibly want from them. Beyond the simple fact of helplessness, beyond honesty and trust, what can the enemy give us to prove their helplessness, their honesty and trust?


"The boxing facility resides within the Cylon Resurrection Hub. This Hub controls the functions of every Resurrection Ship in existence." Athena nods. "It protects itself by periodically jumping to a new set of coordinates and then relaying them back to the Baseship..." Natalie stands; she thinks this is a conversation. She always fucks this part up. The Marines pull their weapons and she gives them all that classic Six look: how rude. "Madam President, you asked for a reason to help us? Vengeance." A word ugly enough that even Laura Roslin must look down.

"You destroy the Hub, Cylons lose their ability to download." Natalie's scared, shaking. "All of us." And why, asks the Dying Leader, asks the woman capable of genocide, "Would you be willing to lose your ability to resurrect?" Natalie's sadness is infinite. It must become finite. She is a leader now. "We're rebels. We can't go back. What matters most to us is being with the Five." Tigh stares, but Laura gets it. There won't be a resurrection for Natalie, or for her rag-tag band of rebels. This is already it: the undiscovered country, from whose bourn we'll never return. And when you stand at the edge of that river, you start looking for somebody who stands in the place between death and rebirth, who brings life to the river and water to the shore. Somebody to walk you across that river, and hold your hand. Heaven for everybody. Six of one.

"D'Anna will be able to identify them. We'll take you to the Hub if you help us unbox D'Anna." Laura's suspicious; black is white and scripture is fiction. Adama asks for fact: "Give us the coordinates of the Hub first." Natalie can't. "I said we would take you there." Bill orders her out, and the Marines march her to the door. She turns, asking for his word. Trust starts somewhere. She'll lead her people.

"I'll give you the coordinates. But I want your word." She steps forward, and Bill looks into her eyes. He loved Boomer, loves Athena; loves whatever Kara's becoming, and his President. He can take the measure of a man. He rooted out the first Cylon we ever rooted out. "Once their identities are revealed and we come back here, we'll be free to leave your Fleet with the Five?" Laura jerks. "Yes, they're here with you." The song begins to play, the one only we can hear; Tigh stares at her. "The Final Five are in your Fleet. That's why our Raiders turned back the attack in the Nebula." Tory looks away, and Tigh does not, but they're both thinking the same thought, and it's a thought you just don't think.

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