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"How many times do you want to hear it? I followed a heavy Raider into the storm. Took some hits, passed out. When I came to, I was orbiting this planet. Its yellow moon and star matches the description in Pythia. I took these pictures in orbit. The star patterns match what we saw in the tomb of Athena." Back when I was the favored daughter, back when you took me to your diseased breast.

"How did you get here?" No good answers. "Well, that's just not good enough, Captain. Tell us everything you remember." The pride of her conviction, that she's being a hero. The strength. She's the one that makes the hard choices, that shepherds the Fleet to salvation. She's the Dying Leader. She didn't put up with Baltar's nonsense, and she didn't negotiate with terrorists, and she didn't allow labor strikes, and she didn't let Chief and Cally win against the emerging aristocracy. She didn't save Danny Noon.

"I remember taking the photos. Turning my ship in a reciprocal heading." Kara's voice gets tired. "And then I'm not sure. I must've blacked out again." She tries, so hard, seeking out Laura's eyes, and Bill's. "I remember a giant gas planet with rings. I remember a flashing triple star, and a comet. And then I was back with the Fleet." Tory stares, and Laura reiterates that this was a six-hour trip for Kara. "I do not understand the time discrepancy either, okay? All I know is I was there. I took the pictures. I didn't imagine it!" The angrier she gets, the more sure Laura becomes, and the sadder Bill gets.

Back in the hangar, Chief's looked at her bird. "There's not a ding or a scratch on it. It's the got same tail number as the one she flew out on..." But it's too new. It's evaded, erased, rewound all the anguish and pain of running, since the attacks. All its pain and rage and blood burnt off in the storm. "So it's not the same ship," says Laura, like it's the confirmation of a theory. Tory and Tigh stare as Chief agrees. That's three, and Sam can't be expected to go along with them either way, but this is a deal being made. The blank space of their futures, the possibility of their betrayal, is so easily whitewashed and overshadowed by the much bigger blank space of Kara's return. Look, here, at this girl. She dies and returns to life, like the Cylons. She's always had dark spaces, nasty little crannies, that nobody could fathom. She was always hard to get along with. Look how many times she's hurt your son.

"Admiral, it's just not the outside either. This is the data from the nav computer. There isn't any. It's blank. There's no record of where this ship has been." Which is enough for Laura, who orders Kara dropped in the brig immediately. Lee, of course, takes offense. "What? So some things don't add up, and we're back to thinking she's a Cylon? What about Cottle's test?"

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