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Colonel Saul Tigh, a Cylon, suggests that Cottle's test doesn't prove anything, and Tory Foster, with a glint of guilt in her lovely eyes, agrees: "Even if her DNA's the same, she could still be a Cylon." And in case you missed the memo, Laura reminds us that she could have even been one "from the beginning." Pressing their case, even though none of the humans here know that there's a case being made, that there's anything to press, Tigh reminds them that Baltar's Cylon detector was a crock. "It failed to ID Boomer," he says.

The irony of that, the way Gaius is such a multidimensional fuckup that he can reach back across time and slap Starbuck that way. The machine works, it's always worked. There is a miraculous machine that works, that answers prayers, divides the lambs form the goats, and nobody knows it. They'll stick it in a dusty old room, in a cell, their savior, and it'll cry out in the silence: You're doing this wrong, I can do this, I know the truth. You're going the wrong way.

"I know how you feel about her, Bill, but that is exactly what the Cylons could be counting on here." In the background, Lee is fairly close to vomiting from rage. "Then we're back where we're coming from," the Admiral exposits in reply: "There could be Cylons right here, and we wouldn't know it 'til they put a bullet in our heads." (Or our right eyeballs, for example!) The three of the Five are so shocked by this lack of script subtlety that they almost start crying. "Or lead us into an ambush," Laura says. "The Cylon Fleet had enough firepower to blow us out of the sky, but instead they ran and jumped. And there's Kara Thrace suddenly back from the dead, having found Earth." She's telling us what we already know, but connecting the dots in a scary, weird, paranoid way: "If Kara Thrace can lead us off our course..."

"-- Course?" interrupts Apollo, answering our audience questions before we can ask them. "What course? The Nebula was supposed to be another clue on the way to Earth, but ..." Ah, no. Laura's got that angle covered: "The Nebula is only a road sign along the way to Earth. And we need to continue to follow its path." And what if -- and even Lee has to know this is a longshot, even though it's also obviously true -- what if Kara is the very clue they were meant to find? Laura doesn't even bother with that, just points out that, if we're hypothesizing in a crazy fashion, "what if" this Kara thing is playing the Adamas? Just like she's always done? Without even trying?

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