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Laura starts her conversation with Caprica by stuttering: "I don't know why I'm here. Yes, I do." The ability of the human machine, the self-reflective nature of the beast that separates animal from mineral, human from silicon. "I'm here because of the things that we've shared and the things that we've seen." Specifically, Caprica nods in her shackles, the Kobol Opera house, of course. "You went inside, you saw more than I did." You and Gaius, standing with Hera, looking up at the balcony, at the Final Five standing before frescoes of creation. "I thought that maybe you could help me." How's that?

"I need to know about the other five. The types we've never seen. The ones that Baltar calls the Final Five." Specifically, Caprica nods in her shackles, whether Kara is an unknown model. Caprica puts both feet on the floor, feeling guilty and gross. "I've been programmed never to think about them." And Caprica's a Six, a Virgo: God has a plan, and if you're not supposed to think about them, don't. "Well, your programming isn't working, because you're thinking about them right now." But how can you know if you know? Caprica looks down: "I try not to." Ignoring her shame, and her confusion, and her guilt, and her terror -- her lover Three was boxed, all of them, for just this -- Laura presses again: "Trying not to is thinking about them. How do you rationalize that?" How can you know if you know?

Caprica's face is stricken as she stands, as she fractures: Blaspheme with this woman? Here, in the house of her enemy, to not only think about them, but to share that knowledge. To give up the location of her brothers and sisters, her sacred fellows, who lie in the space between life and death. Whose nature is so extraordinary, like God's, that you must think only of what they are not, and never of what they are. To think about something that's been shoving itself into her consciousness for days? She stands, and the Marines jump to it. Laura waves them off, awesomely: "Back off, don't leave, back off." Her hands and feet are bound, after busting Tigh's face last time. She's no more, and no less, harmless or deadly than Sixes have to be.

"The Five are close," Caprica whispers, and Laura leans in, shocked. "I can feel them."

Gaeta's giving Kara attitude, on CIC, as they work their way through star charts. One looks familiar, but as Gaeta pissily explains, it's protoplanetary, nothing livable. "No ringed gas giants like you claimed you saw." She tells him, Lieutenant, that it's a fact, not a claim, and he accepts that, sir, if she says so, and she does say so, mister Gaeta, and what's his problem, and he doesn't have a problem, sir, he's just following orders. Which, I don't even get his mess right now, but anyway, speaking of orders, Kara orders him to stop being a dick, basically, and start helping her find Earth so people will stop pointing guns at her, and he refuses to stop being a dick, and just when you're positive this scene is going nowhere, Helo arrives and tells Gaeta to take a hike.

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