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He That Believeth In Me

"Get up! Get on your knees! Get up!"

And he was withdrawn from them about a stone's cast, and kneeled down, and prayed, saying, "Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done." And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.

"You asked God to take your life instead of the boy's. Did you mean it?"

His voice sounds like it did when he was Kevin's age, back on Aerelon. Those consonants that scrape the back of the throat. "Yes. Do it. Take my life. Please." Six smiles down at him. He alternately screams, and begs: begs the angel, God, Charlie Connor, Kevin, anybody who will do him the favor of redemption, to make it stick. "Please. Please take my life." His for the little boy's. But which little boy are we talking about? There are at least three in this paragraph alone, after all. They all have different claims to his blood. Any case, something happens to Paulla; she takes out Shaunt like a wild thing, tears the handle off a janitor's bucket and beats him unconscious, then beats the everloving shit out of Charlie Connor, until Gaius stops her. Literally, grabs her arm and says "No." Watch that one: she stops, but she still looks wild.

Wired, she's abuzz as they make their way back toward Cult HQ, pretty much covered in blood: Gaius's, a lot of it, but also Shaunt and Connor's. She really gave them the business. "You see? Gaius, I knew God wouldn't desert you. I mean, I felt his love course through me, giving me the strength to smite them!" Obviously still distracted, or he would right now be having his mind totally blown by how nuts she is, he's like, "Less smiting next time." Murder charges, and all.

Jeanne welcomes them back, excited and then terrified by all the blood on Baltar; Paulla posts two cultists to watch the door while they care for him. As the doting begins, Gaius takes a sip of water and deadpans that he cut himself shaving. He looks like he drained a pig, they both do. It's kind of amazing. Jeanne's chirpy and nonchalant about it, all, "Okay, whatever! Come check out my kid!" Down on the bed in the middle of the floor, Derrick's sitting up, looking stronger, smiling up at him. "Derrick," Jeanne murmurs to Gaius, "Oh, yes. God answered your prayers. You have to see... Look! Look at him!" Gaius reaches out and touches the boy, much more softly and naturally than before, feeling for the fever, which has broken. Jeanne giggles, and says that magic word. "It's a miracle!"

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