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"No, no, wait! What the hell are you doing, Kara?" She shakes her head. "Where's the president, Sam?" He scoffs, begs her to stop, and she knocks him out with the gun. She moves so fast, now. Death is really good for your reflexes. Also your hair, I keep meaning to mention how cute her hair looks.

Kara stands in the Hall and stares down at Samuel T. Anders, feels shitty, looks at the other scattered bodies, and takes off running toward Adama's quarters, the obvious location of the President. Laura is alone on his bed, with her shoes off and a cold compress over her eyes. Maybe she's in the Opera House, maybe she's just trying not to vomit from the chemo. Maybe she's getting a little bit of real old-fashioned sleep. I wish that for her. Kara and her giant gun charge through the ship, and outside the connecting corridor she can see the Marine guarding the door. She pulls a gas bomb and takes him off, so when she enters it's backlit with foggy light.

Laura sits up when the Marine drops, blurry as the door opens, no glasses on, smiling fuzzily. Does she know who it is? Does she think it's Bill? Does she think it's Sharon, in a vision? Does she think it's Kara, and everything is going to be okay? I don't know, but when Kara cocks the gun at her, she doesn't move. Her eyes go sad, and her face goes hard, but she doesn't move. And they look at each other.


With a gun between them, and headaches pulling them in opposite directions, and pulling the Adamas in turn all over the map, and generally, I'm sure, making life difficult for everybody. When I said I wanted Laura back with the twins, I guess I should have been more frakking specific. See you then. I missed you, you know. Boom boom boom.

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