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Galactica's missile bays are firing at the Basestars, and a thousand Raiders and Vipers engage against the bright lights of the Nebula; a Raider takes out an entire ship with one crash. The Pyxis, led by Captain Tarney, six hundred souls aboard. Laura writes down this name, Pyxis; and keeps it close to her heart. Laura measures loss in the numbers of the dead, still. Maybe of the whole Fleet, she's the only one with a heart big enough to hold those cold equations: to count by those vast numbers. Her whiteboard was only ever negative space around the measurement of loss, and she's six hundred souls closer to wanting these monsters destroyed. "How did they find us?" Bill wonders too.

Tigh and Tory stare at each other, across the bridge. They don't know enough, about who or what they are, to measure their sins. They could be calling right now, across the void of space, set against the Nebula. They could be asking for extraction, resurrection, destruction.

The Cylon prepare to launch returning missile fire: forty, no, fifty missiles, plus inbound, targeted half on the Galactica and half on the Fleet, and those become priority.

"We can handle the hits," the Admiral grits. "They can't."

And Galactica and her Vipers and her Raptors begin to draw their fire, again.


A Viper comes shooting out of the tube, always exciting, and it's Sam's, meaning Samuel T. Anders, born on Picon, attended Noyce Elementary, felt Dawn, saw nuclear sunset glow, loved and was loved... Seelix interrupts his concentration to remind him that he has his thumb on the transmit button, that his mantra is blocking the freq, and then the fight's on him, he takes up the quarrel, and elsewhere in the battle, missiles break through the defense shield Helo constructed, blowing like poppies of fire, and connect with that toroid ship you always notice, blowing out a segment, killing a few more people, and then Seelix is ordering her squad's formation like a quarterback, calling the Raiders one by one, setting her men on them like harriers, throwing Vipers at them like torches, and there's Sam in the middle of it, fucking up the lingo, kind of unbearably adorable as he fidgets and fumbles behind the trigger of a one-ton flying murder machine, and then he spots a Raider on Seelix, and as she climbs against the sky, like a silent lark, she sings out bravely for Sam to shoot, and somehow, for some reason, as he watches the Raider close in on her, and the world gets slower and slower, somehow for some reason he can't shoot it.

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Battlestar Galactica




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