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Speaking Truth To Power

Flashback to the dead Three on the floor, and Bulldog escaping his cage and heading out into the basestar: "And if I hadn't figured a way to escape, if I didn't make my move when I saw they left that door wide open for me, I'd be as good as dead right now!" Adama puts it together: "Is that what they did? Did they leave the door standing open?" Bulldog starts to scream: "That's not what I meant. I know the truth." But in the flashback, there's a Three, and she's not sick, and she is hidden, and she is healthy, and she is watching Bulldog leave with a huge fucking grin on her face. "I beat them. Do you understand? I beat them at their own game. I frackin' killed her, and I escaped. You trying to take that away from me?" Um, yes? This isn't the simple answer either? You come out of the cage and find you're in another cage, and escape that one, you're in another cage. This is the nature of synthesis, but why aren't you helping the tortoise?

Tigh appears just then, back online, cocking a gun and calling Danny's name. Bulldog attacks, and Saul Motherfucking Tigh takes him out faster than the human eye and it is very awesome: "Stay down!" Saul calls to Bill, who confirms that he's okay, and then Tigh gives a little speech: "You don't wanna believe it, do you? I know. The truth hurts, Bulldog, but it's better to know the truth than to live a lie. We're all soldiers, Danny. We're all expendable. And we did what we had to do to protect the mission. It's ugly, but there it is. The Cylons let you go. The question is why? Ask yourself that, Danny. Because up until a minute ago, you were doing exactly what they wanted you to do: come here and learn the truth and seek revenge. And that's exactly what you did. You almost gave them what they wanted." Hogan's my hero. Tigh drops the pipe and frees Adama's hands.

Saul puts a pistol in Bill's hand, which is central: something broken just got fixed; Tigh rejects Adama's guilt like Laura will in the end of the episode, in apology for what he's done since the beginning of this one. "Tell you a dirty little secret: the toughest part of getting played is losing your dignity. Feeling like you are not worth the oxygen you are sucking down. You get used to it. You start to believe it. You start to love it. It's like a bottle that never runs dry. You can keep reaching for it over and over and over again." Redemption comes through working a story out to its logical conclusion and then taking yourself out of it: taking the wish apart and seeing the ugly stuff inside. It's why myths have power. Looking at Bulldog, at his rage at Bill's offense of being human, looking at Bulldog coming out of one cage and into another one, gives Tigh just the space he needs to breathe, and think, and see the story for what it is. Bill asks him how you're supposed to put the bottle away; Bulldog looks up at him too. I love how everybody finally gets how awesome Saul got. "I don't know. One day you just decide to...get up and walk out of your room." (I want to draw a connection here -- I'm not sure if it's legit -- but it has to do with Gaius working out basestar life at a constant rate and that rate being matched by Tigh learning to live among humans again. I dunno, though. It just struck me this week, an accumulation of parallels specific to this week. We'll watch out for that.)

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