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Speaking Truth To Power

The other eye is not quite the pirate patch Strega wished for, but what it is is fucking horrible. And in walks Bill, without knocking, in uniform. Tigh's best friend, who told him otherwise, who is letting him in on the episode, who needs to be forgiven. Who needs the obvious forgiveness of his obvious forgiver: "Daniel Novacek just escaped from a POW cell on a Cylon baseship, stole a Raider, flew it here. I just finished debriefing him." All one word. Tigh doesn't look up: "Bulldog's alive?" Saul stands, because that's fucking awesome. "That tough son of a bitch, he actually made it, didn't he?" And Bill acquiesces, and he's very whatever, and finally Tigh gets it. And you know, I give him credit for being shitty about it; because we know what it was like on New Caprica, he gets the pass. But also this: Bulldog = the Fleet. Bulldog is New Caprica in human form, and by existing, he accuses. Tigh: "So...are you here to talk to your friend? Or to your XO?" Because the four months of occupation have so little to do with it, no matter what else. "Last time I checked, I was neither." Adama takes a drink and looks at Saul guiltily. "Ohhhhhh," says Tigh. The Starbuck before Starbuck; the Starbuck before that. The one you'd always save, except you couldn't save me. And you didn't save her. And you didn't save Bulldog, before her. "I get it. Oh, yeah. Oh, this is gonna be a little complicated for you, isn't it, Admiral? You gonna tell him what you did?" Adama protests that he just did what he had to do, and Tigh pushes him to just tell the truth, then, and Adama sidesteps in a way he doesn't normally do out loud: "It's not gonna make any difference. The past is the past." Which is something a teenager says, and Tigh calls him out for equivocating. Adama totally runs away from all this mess, and Tigh calls after him that Bulldog's going to find out sooner or later. Alone, Tigh goes back to the cigarette game. "I see it..."

Commercial, and then Tigh wakes up, a bandage over his eye, and walks slowly around his tiny room, pulling a dress of Ellen's down from the shelf and caressing it. He remembers kissing her, and remembers crying over her dead body. He's weeping when Bulldog comes to his door, and Bulldog won't go away, just knocks louder and louder. Tigh finally puts the dress up and answers the door. Tigh and Bulldog embrace, and immediately get to drinking. Remember when Tigh's alcoholism was, like, a bad thing? Like the thing: you old drunk. And now it's like you'd pour for him. That's so intense.

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Battlestar Galactica




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