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Kobol. The Prez cries by the body of Elosha. Everyone else stands around awkwardly like, "Yeah, she was swell, can we go now?" Eventually, they do. I'm sure they also spent a while mourning the loss of the cannon fodder. Really.

Adama walks down an empty corridor, where he enters a slo-mo zone and is creeped out by the chorus of men humming an inspirational theme on the soundtrack. This causes an epiphany, I guess. Or maybe the epiphany caused the humming. It's hard to tell.

CIC. Adama enter and tells Gaeta "I want to see all recon material on Kobol immediately in my quarters." Gaeta looks like he thinks this could be a trick. Tigh gasps, "Kobol?" Adama says, "Yes. I'm putting the fleet back together. I'm putting our family back together. This ends now." Tigh looks confused, like maybe he hears some spooky humming. Adama leaves. The humming stays. The crew look quietly pleased, but manage to avoid bursting into applause. Aw, and then Dualla looks like she's about to cry. Probably because she's thinking, "These people would be toast without me. I need a raise."

Next time: more declarations of love, more betrayal, and of course, more gunfire.

Production card: Eick says, "Jot this down." Moore grabs a pen and carves "This" into Eick's forehead.

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