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The Astral Queen's bridge, or whatever. Zarek checks out the dradis screen while Meier expositions. Basically, Starbuck's arrived, only they don't know it's her because she's in a different ship. So Meier figures it's either a Cylon or a scout from Galactica, and that they should open fire on it. The Prez strolls in and asks what they're preparing to shoot. From nowhere, Apollo leans over the dradis while Zarek and Meier hesitate, and the Prez asks, "Do I have to repeat myself?" Meier quickly explains that it's a security issue. Apollo doesn't even look at Meier as he grunts, "She wasn't talking to you." As Limber noted in the forums, she was, actually, but Apollo wasn't looking at her, either. That seems like bad blocking or something. Zarek goes over the situation, and Meier adds that the unknown ship is within weapons range of one of their ships. Zarek asks the Prez to give them her decision. He's good at sucking up. Before the Prez can reply, Starbuck's voice comes over the wireless: "Civilian vessels, civilian vessels. This is Starbuck. Do you read?" Apollo grins and exhales, and the Prez smiles beatifically as Starbuck continues, "Is anybody getting this? Hello?" Nice of them to just leave her hanging because they're too busy grinning.

The Raider lands aboard the Astral Queen. I don't mind at all that they skip over all the "one character tells another about stuff that the audience already knows." However, I do kinda wish that they'd included a moment where Starbuck reacts to finding only a portion of the fleet, and no Galactica. I mean, she should probably think that there's been some kind of devastating Cylon attack and that these are the only people left. It's not a big deal, but I'd have liked it if we'd at least had some hint that she was freaking out when she got to Kobol.

Starbuck walks out with her Quiver of Specialness on her back. I meant to say last week that I really like her hair back in a little ponytail. She turns a corner and sees a small group waiting for her. Apollo strides forward and they embrace. Aw. And then they release each other, and Starbuck is starting to giggle when Apollo plants a kiss on her. It's more of an exuberant kiss than a romantic one. It's also cute. Starbuck blinks and says, "Good to see you, too, Captain." Apollo quietly says, "Remind me to send you to the brig later." If you know what he means, and I think you do. Seems like his time in a cell might have been a formative experience for Apollo. The Prez steps forward, and Starbuck wonders, "Is she gonna kiss me, too?" But no, the Prez just offers Starbuck a hearty handshake. Starbuck turns back to Apollo and says, "There's something I need to tell you..." And then Boomer steps around the corner. And she brought the slo-mo with her! There's another flashback to Boomer shooting Adama, from Adama's point of view, which is slightly bizarre. As Starbuck calls for him to wait, Apollo rushes for Boomer. He throws Boomer against a wall and shoves his sidearm into her face. Starbuck tries to shove Apollo back while screaming, "She's with us!" Some of the other people are pulling out their own guns, and then there's a gun pressed into Apollo's neck. Helo booms, "Drop your weapon, Sir." Gosh, Helo's tall. Well, okay, compared to Apollo, anyway. Starbuck shouts at Helo, because she's already got enough to deal with. Everyone keeps pointing their guns at everyone else while the drums on the soundtrack go crazy.

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