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After a long beat, Adama calls for questions, and we're back to the hubbub. Playa asks if Adama knows where "President Roslin's rebellion" has gone, and if he intends to put the fleet back together. Adama reminds Playa that Roslin isn't the President anymore, and then says, "Next question." Heh. Adama starts to call on someone else, but Playa stands up and huffs that he didn't answer her. Adama says, "We have lost no one that cannot be replaced by someone loyal, who has chosen to remain with us. This is the fleet." Then he says, "Thank you," and heads for the door. Hubbub, hubbub. Adama pauses when Sekou Hamilton loudly asks, "Is there any truth to the rumor that there is no earth, it doesn't exist, and you just made it up?" Adama glares, and replies, "Freedom of the press is not a license to slander." Adama advances on Hamilton (who drops down into his seat), and snaps that repeating those rumors may get Hamilton arrested. He looks around the room and says, "That goes for all of you." As the reporters boggle, Tigh quickly says, "We're done here," and escorts Adama out as the reporters continue yammering as usual.

Once they're out in the corridor, Adama jerks his arm away from Tigh and snaps, "Get your hands off of me." Tigh advises Adama to calm down. Adama more normally says, "Remind me not to do that again." Tigh replies, "Always looked easy enough when Roslin did it." Hee!

Adama and Tigh pass Baltar's lab, and the camera holds on the doorway, where Baltar is puffing on a cigarette. Baltar reminisces about a footbridge over the Euclid River, and Six appears, leaning against the door frame. As people pass by in the corridor, Baltar says he'd watch the fish try to swim upstream: "I envied them. Unaware as they were of the wider complexities and challenges of life." I suspect he envied them because he identifies with attempts to spawn. Six says that Baltar's starting to look at humans the way Cylons do. Baltar mutters that he sees Cylons everywhere. He reminds us that Boomer told him there were eight Cylons still in the fleet. He moans, "Why didn't I ask her who they were?" Heh. I assumed he thought he could get to that later, after Tyrol was revived. Baltar bitches about how Cally killed his lead, and sighs, "Why is it when things go wrong, they go wrong so well?" To entertain me? Six cuddles up to Baltar and coos that he gets too worked up about things. She looks out at the passersby and says, "They do have it easy, don't they?" Baltar goes bug-eyed as he asks, "Why are you talking to me like I'm not one of them?" Hey, I ask for someone to worry that they're a Cylon, and look what happens! But Baltar's too obvious. Maybe I should have been more specific. Six says, "In some ways, you never were [human]," which isn't going to make Baltar any calmer. Six goes on to say that he'll escape their fate. She insists, "You can stop manipulating the world and let destiny take its course." She whispers that they know one thing about human beings: "They are masters of self destruction." And then Baltar's alone, staring out at the hallway with his cigarette.

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