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Zarek and Meier confer in Zarek's office-bridge-thingy. Meier complains that the Prez's plan is reckless, and asks Zarek if he believes her. Zarek says, "No, but I believe in the power of myth." I think Joseph Campbell lost any credibility he may have had simply through association with George Lucas. Zarek says that he doesn't like the plan, but adds, "President or prophet, it doesn't really matter. She still needs a commander. A man in charge of the fleet. A man with a nice black leather jacket. Like mine." Meier suspects that Apollo's the one who will lead their fleet. Zarek looks terribly crestfallen for a moment. Meier goes on to say that they still need the Prez to keep the fleet together, so they'll have to protect her on Kobol. Zarek ponders, and agrees. He says, "I want to set this fleet on a path to freedom." Meier very sincerely says, "Of course." Zarek reminds Meier that, according to scripture, some of them will die on Kobol. Meier mwah-ha-has, "One man in particular."

Commercials. Aha! Moore says that they did originally plan on having Elosha act as a bad influence on the Prez. I'm not crazy! Okay, so my psychic link seems to connect to vague intentions instead of the finished product. So it needs some fine-tuning, but still.

Galactica. There's a refueling mission going on. I wonder how they decide when the captions go in the center of the screen instead of at the bottom. So this is another scene full of people talking in jargon that I'm gonna skip. The short version is: Birch is directing a freighter toward the Galactica, and doing a sucky job of it.

CIC. Tigh is monitoring the goings-on unhappily as Adama strolls in. Tigh complains that Birch is screwing up a task that should be "the simplest op in the book!" Gaeta chimes in that Birch can't handle the job. Tigh tells Adama, "I realize that he is your guy, but..." Adama concludes, "He's no Apollo." Tigh's like, "Well, that's not entirely a bad thing, but essentially, yes."

Astral Queen. Starbuck is sulkily bouncing a pyramid ball against the wall. I think this room is supposed to be some version of a locker room for the maintenance crew or something, since there are more coveralls hanging on the wall and piled on a table. The ball bounces, and Apollo catches it. They're all really good at sneaking up on each other. Starbuck leans back to look at him, and Apollo casually says he was wondering when they'd get some R&R. Then he bounces the ball on Starbuck's head, tee hee. Apollo moves away and lies down on one of the bunches. Starbuck asks if she can have her ball back. Heh. Apollo asks, "I can't hold it?" and tosses the ball in the air lightly. Starbuck asks again, and says "Please," this time. Apollo asks where she got a pyramid ball, and Starbuck duhs, "Caprica." Apollo, bizarrely, then sniffs the ball. Starbuck walks over and asks again, and this time Apollo hands the ball back to her -- and then pulls it away at the last second. He plays keep-away with her a little longer, and Starbuck finally snaps, "Keep it," and walks away. Apollo tells her that he's just kidding, and goes after her. Starbuck sits on a bench next to a room divider made out of fencing. Apollo drops the ball over the fencing, into her hands. He adds, "You can take your ball and go home now." Starbuck laughs fakely and goes back to bouncing the ball as she observes, "The whole thing's stupid anyway."

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