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Chrome Is Where The Heart Is

Apollo stares at Starbuck for a second, and finally sits down so that they're back to back with the fence of deep symbolism between them. He asks if she wants to talk about anything. She doesn't. Apollo hms. He says it must have been hard on Caprica. Starbuck stops bouncing the ball, but doesn't reply. Maybe she could bounce the ball once for yes, and twice for no. Apollo says that it'll all be over tomorrow, when they either find the Tomb and the way to Earth or...don't. Apollo concludes, "I just want you to know, Kara, that I'm your friend. I love you. If there's anything you wanna talk about, anything you wanna get off your chest, then I'm here for you." Starbuck's face goes from sad to comforted to confused to amused in very subtle ways during that, and it's quite fun to watch. Starbuck bounces the ball in response. Apollo casually gets up and says that when she wants to talk, she can let him know. He starts to leave, and without looking, Starbuck calls, "What was that middle part again?" Apollo huhs, and turns back. Starbuck climbs up on the bench to look over the fencing at him and asks if he said that he loved her. Apollo chuckles nervously and hems. Starbuck merrily says, "Lee Adama loves me." Apollo starts to explain what he meant, and Starbuck interrupts to say that it's sweet. He laughs a little and heads out. Starbuck looks mock-peeved and repeats, "No, you love me. You can't take it back. There's no take-backs." Apollo finally calls, "You're dreaming it!" as he walks out, and Starbuck goes on repeating, "You love me!" Hee. Starbuck leans forward to make sure Apollo's really gone, and grins to herself. They're cute. And emotionally retarded.

Galactica. Still refueling. Birch still sucks. Adama finally duallas to abort the mission. Birch curses again. Meanwhile, the ship they were trying to supply continues to veer toward the side of the Galactica. A Raptor pilot tries to warn them off, but the ships crunch against each other.

Adama makes a sad face. The Raptor pilot reports that there's minor damage as a result of the collision, but that the tanker is intact. Adama sends a rescue team out.

Kobol. "Galleon Meadow," the name of which will be explained shortly. The landing party consists of the Prez, Elosha, Boomer, Helo, Zarek, Meier, Starbuck, and Apollo. And three or four members of Team Cannon Fodder. Apollo hands Zarek a gun, saying, "You never know when you might need to defend yourself." As Apollo walks away, Meier stares after him a little guiltily.

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