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Raptor One leaves the Galactica for Kobol. On board, Tyrol goes over the map awkwardly until the pilot gets exasperated and grabs the map from him. Tyrol grumbles, "Topography's for pansies anyway." Heh. Adama asks someone we can't see, "How're you feeling? Diplomatic?" The camera reverses to reveal Billy, who says that he doesn't think this is a good idea. He claims that the last time he saw the Prez, she wasn't very happy with him. Hm, she seemed disappointed rather than angry, but to Billy those might look like the same thing. Adama assures Billy that the Prez will listen to him, and Billy protests some more until Adama declares, "She thinks you'll be president one day." Billy gulps, "Excuse me?" Adama says that the Prez told him that Billy reminded her of President Adar. Billy looks nervous and admits that he's not sure how to respond to that. Adama calmly says, "Don't let it go to your head. Adar was a moron." Hee. Then they get set to jump into Kobol's atmosphere.

The Raptor winks out of space, and then winks back in and begins to plummet toward Kobol. The bottom of the ship glows with heat as it descends. Pretty!

The pilot reports that no Cylons seem to be lurking about. As his cheek ripples in the G-forces, Adama shouts, "Having good luck already." Billy squints and his lips flop about as he strains himself making a thumbs-up gesture.

The Raptor falls below the clouds and then fires up its thrusters and zooms over the planet's surface.

Oh, it's raining again. I think Helo might be a rain god. Team Prez has set up a campsite, and the Prez sits alone under a shelter and looks over her waterlogged book. Helo is unwrapping a candy bar as he cuddles with Boomer.

Apollo and Starbuck sit under a tree to gossip. Apollo says that seeing Helo with Boomer gives him the creeps. Starbuck says that Helo knows what Boomer is, and loves her anyway. Apollo keeps on glaring at the lovebirds and asks, "How can one of us get that roped in by one of them?" He suggests that they should keep an eye on Helo. Yes! You also shouldn't have brought him along! Starbuck insists that Helo is her friend, and one of the good guys. Apollo sneers, "Sharon was a friend of yours too." You didn't seem to pick up on her weirdness either, bonehead.

Helo says that he feels like he's back on Caprica. If they do ever make it to Earth, I bet he settles in Seattle. Boomer says she prefers it where they are, and says that it feels like home to be back with the Galactica crew. Helo points out, "But you were never in the fleet. That was the other Sharon." Boomer says that she remembers training and serving on the Galactica as if she did it. She notes that this is weird, which is understating things a tad, and Helo coos, "That's okay. I like weird." If you're Helo, I think you'd pretty much have to, unless you want to turn into Baltar.

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