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Meier and Zarek stare at the Prez and talk about how upset she is about Elosha's death. Unlike the rest of the world, which found it kind of a relief. Meier quickly moves back to his favorite topic: killing Apollo. He's kind of fixated, really. Zarek says that it may take a while to reach the tomb. Meier gets huffy that Zarek's not enthusiastic enough about plotting murder. Meier, maybe you should take a page from some of the other characters and develop a hobby of some kind? Zarek, for instance, has taken up coining aphorisms: "Getting blood on your hands is a lot harder than washing it off." Meier proposes that they should get Boomer to kill Apollo for them, and then kill her. Why don't you just kill Apollo and claim that Boomer did it? Because, really, getting someone else to commit murder for you isn't actually a huge step up morally from doing it yourself. Your solution is just making things more complicated. I think Zarek's whole problem is that he can't find good help. Zarek doesn't veto the idea, but repeats that nothing can happen until they find the tomb.

Commercials. In the podcast, Moore and Eick explain that the "Topography's for pansies" line was originally "Topography's for pussies." Also, Adama originally told Billy that President Adar was a prick. Moore's description of how he tried to defend both terms to Standards & Practices is rather entertaining. They should take a page from Profit, and put something completely gratuitous in the episodes, so that they can make deals like, "Well, if we cut Baltar's panty-sniffing scene, can we keep the word 'prick'?"

It's daytime, and as they trudge through the forest, Helo asks, "How much further?" Boomer corrects him, "'Farther,'" and explains, "'Farther' describes actual distance. Further is more figurative." This leads to banter about Boomer's being smarter than Helo, which isn't that big an achievement. Especially since, while "further" is more commonly used to describe abstracts, it's not incorrect to use it to describe physical distances. In fact, the attempt to distinguish the two seems to be limited to the United States. Anyway, Helo finally says, "The baby can have your brains as long as he gets my looks." Boomer smirks, "That'd be a real blessing for her." Helo confirms that the baby's a girl. And they walk on. That was enlivening. They left this in, but they cut a bit later where Billy tells the Prez that he's an atheist. That scene sounded funnier, honestly.

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