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Meanwhile, Helo is shocked at the way Adama reacted to Boomer. Boomer tells him that the other Boomer was killed: "In cold blood. Not even a trial." Helo makes a face like he's trying to think. And then they're interrupted when Tyrol strolls over to say hi. While Helo tries practicing his glare on a nearby tree, Tyrol and Boomer look at each other. She gets up and says, "Hello, Chief." Tyrol confirms that she remembers him, and Boomer beams and walks over while Helo looks put-upon. Boomer tells Tyrol, "We haven't met, but I remember you." After a moment, she reaches out to hug him, and Tyrol jerks back in surprise but then lets her embrace him. Little jagged "angry" cartoon lines spring out of Helo's head. Boomer tells Tyrol, "It's good to see you," and kisses his cheek before releasing him. Tyrol backs away, and exits silently, wondering if there's a good therapist among the fleet. Although, if there is, I bet he's booked up for the next few years.

Cut to Zarek and Meier, pissing. Hee. I do respect the fact that they tried to give them activities that gave them an excuse to leave camp. Because otherwise you'd expect someone to say, "Have you noticed that Meier keeps wandering off with Zarek, and then with Boomer, and then with Zarek again?" Anyway. Meier asks what happens now. Zarek chuckles ruefully and says that they're back where they started, "under the yoke of President Roslin and Commander Adama." Meier says that they could go back to the Astral Queen with a map to Earth, "and a sad story of how many people were killed down on Kobol by the Cylons." Zarek zips up and says, "Let it go. For now." Zarek gives him an "I mean it" look for good measure, and Meier looks heartbroken. All he ever wanted in his whole life was to kill Apollo.

The Prez tells Adama that Starbuck found a resistance on Caprica. She says, "Maybe your impulse the day the Cylons attacked was right. Maybe we should have stayed and fought for our homes." Adama says, "I didn't come here to navel-gaze. Or to catalogue our mistakes." He says that leaving the Colonies was the right decision then, and it's the right decision now. "'Cause every moment of every day since then is a gift." The Prez coos, "From the gods." Adama says, "No, from you." Great, Adama, add to her messiah complex. He says that she's the one who convinced him to go. If they hadn't, he'd be dead, and so would Apollo. Having wrapped that up, he suggests it's time to go find the Tomb of Athena.

Apparently, Boomer has cleverly distracted Helo from that whole freaky thing with Tyrol by mentioning her predecessor's death again. She could have just pointed at something shiny and had the same result. Helo boggles that Cally committed murder and only got thirty days in the brig. Boomer tries again to explain, "They don't see it as murder, Helo." She tells him that everyone sees her as a thing, not as a person. Of course, so do her fellow Cylons. Helo insists that he won't stand by and let them hurt her. Boomer sighs that she believes him, without adding, "I don't think you alone are really going to be able to stop them if it comes to that." They hug, and Boomer adds that she's going to have to take matters into her own hands. Helo pulls away and asks what she means. Boomer asks if he loves her. Helo does. She asks if he trusts her. He does. Then Adama comes over and gives them a little origami robot. Well, actually, Boomer says, "Then don't ask me what I have to do." Helo's not really keen on that, but Boomer presses her fingers to his mouth and tells him, "Trust me. Trust us."

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