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39,521 human survivors in the Fleet; that's 35 dead in this latest breach, and 26 Cylon. Dealino runs up, reporting to Bill that this latest thing, the Leobens say, is the "proverbial straw": 90% chance she won't last six more jumps. Saul jumps up his ass about the margin of error, and Bill lightly tells him to go get his injuries taken care of. Saul swears, telling Bill that Sonja Six asked him when Bill would be transferring his flag. "Transferring to her ... Baseship? That'll be the frakking day." Saul agrees; I'm sure he told her that in the politest way he could. I don't imagine talking to Sixes, especially platinum ones, is high on his list of enjoyables right now. High on mine, though, is of course Michael Taylor. I wish he would write a novel.

Saul goes off to yell at the repair crews, and Laura talks like the ghost of a former skeleton from her sickbay bed. "Must be tough saying goodbye to both of your women at once..." He goes back to her; she can only get out a sentence before the Opera House looms in her eyes: "You must feel like we're abandoning you." That's what the Opera House feels like: like a car pulling away from the curb. He promises her neither of his girls are dying: "They just need a little more care and attention." She smiles, and leaves again, calling out Hera's name. He kisses her hand, and watches her going.

Franks and Tarney were two of the five Captains on Gaius's Tribunal, so of course they're at this newfangled Quorum. We lost Tarney's ship the Pyxis in the Nebula fight, so he's here now captaining a new ship. I mean to say that Tarney more than likely voted to kill Gaius Baltar, and they both wanted to hear about Laura's drug use, and that he lost his ship -- his home, his command, his flag -- to the Cylons. There's usually a reason people do the things they do. Franks is the hardcore, pretty lady one, the one that's married to Tigh in real life. They're both grilling Lee about how Bill was totally just lying to Saul and Laura and himself, a second ago: in fact he is totally going to have to desert his ship. It's falling to pieces and there's no way to stop it.

Home is decaying all around him, and Lee knows it. So they're going to move the whole dog and pony show, Mom and Dad, the Twins, the Quorum meetings, the Vipers and the Raptors and the knuckledraggers and everything that has kept humanity alive, onto a Cylon Baseship. Permanently. They accepted the fact that they'd have to combine their resources. They added Raiders and Sixes and Eights to the CAPs and planet searches. They gave guns to Gaius, even. They turned her bones alien, even, and it still didn't work. So now we blend the other way, they'll take all their human mess onto the Basestar instead, and make her their new temporary home. The CAPs will fly, and the planet searchers will go out six days at a time, looking for stray hope. Nothing really will change. The Thirteen Colonies will keep looking for home, but rather than being led by two limping Stars, they'll be led by one.

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