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Tarney tries to keep his tone light as he complains that this would be putting power into the hands of "some people, and I use the term loosely" whom he still remembers mostly for doing their damndest to wipe out humanity. Sonja stands, and begins to speak, but when they don't quiet down she goes all kinds of Six on their asses, shouting for quiet. "Let me speak! As you all know, we agreed to accept Admiral Adama's military authority in return for a seat on this council. We intend to abide by that promise."

Xeno Fenner was last seen getting royally played by Laura during the whole Danny Noon debacle, and more than likely turning a blind eye to the anti-Cylon riots that started Gaeta's mutiny. He also knows what it's like to have your home taken away, more than once. He interrupts Sonja to take it the next step further: "Speaking of promises, I have been complaining about air quality aboard Hitei Kan from day one. I am submitting my requisition now for Galactica's CO2 and particulate scrubbers." Lee is taken aback, but the rest of the captains are right on board with him. Tarney demands the FTL's, and as Lee's voice gets squeakier and angrier, Franks starts setting up a lottery.

It's Laird's revenge, and he's not even here to see it: look around you now and see your mandate, dying all around you. The military came to the Scylla and told us the Lie of War, put our families against the bulkheads, gunned us down and took everything, left us dead in the water, surrounded by enemies, so the war could go on. And now the war is over, and the military is fading, and all that's left are the people, the Fleet. And the first thing they want to do is strip you down for parts and take everything you've got, to stay alive. To keep moving forward: revenge on Cain, and Fisk, and Shaw. They're not here to see it either.

Lee screams over them, finally shutting them up, and explaining at the top of his girly little lungs that nobody's taking so much as a bolt from her bulkheads until the Admiral says it's okay. Maybe it would be better if they just did it and then Adama could cry, since that's what he's going to do anyway. Then, for no reason whatsoever, Tarney goes, "Really! What does Gaius Baltar say about that!" And even Lee is totally thrown, because do what? I guess it's a reference to the cult militia, like, "Gaius Baltar and the Batshit Ladies will gun you down mid-bolt removal," but the way he says it and the way Pissy Lee responds to it, is just plain weird. And speaking of weird:

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