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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I

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Sex, Drugs, And New Age Music

Starbuck and Adama are on the catwalk over the flight deck, watching as the Raider is prepared. Starbuck explains that she's going to do a flight test of the autopilot and navigation before they head for Kobol. Then she says she has a question for him: "How much longer 'til we reach Earth?" Adama meets her eyes and then looks away before hedging that "it's hard to say." She oh-so-casually presses him without any luck, and finally asks if they're getting closer. Adama says, "I'm sure we are," and a little asterisk appears over his head that leads Starbuck to a footnote reading, "In the sense that I have no idea." He wishes her luck and exits. Starbuck stares after him grumpily.

Starbuck flies the Raider out among the fleet. The interior has been de-gookified, and now there's a little keyboard and some monitors inside. I think I see duct tape holding one of the drapey cables together, too, which is great. Apollo flies escort as they move out into open space beyond the fleet. Starbuck says she's preparing to test the autopilot. She holds her fingers over the keyboard, and hesitates. Then she closes her eyes and radios, "Request permission to speak with Galactica actual."

CIC. Dualla tells Adama that Starbuck's on a scrambled channel, asking to speak with him. Adama picks up a phone as Tigh watches. Starbuck says, "I believed you. Believed in Earth." Adama fretfully asks what she's doing. Starbuck answers, "Bringing home the cat, Sir." Cat? There's a cat? Adama says that they can talk this over, but Starbuck disagrees. Tigh is close by, looking worried, as Adama firmly tells Starbuck, "I do not regret anything that I did. Be sure that whatever you're gonna do, you don't regret it later. Do you understand me?" Starbuck replies, "I guess we'll find out." She ends the call and starts working the keyboard. Adama hangs up as Gaeta announces that Starbuck is starting the Raider's FTL drive.

Apollo asks, "What are you doing, Kara?" He follows just behind the Raider, which suddenly breaks off and then winks out. Apollo calls in to Galactica and reports that Starbuck has jumped.

CIC. Tigh somewhat accusingly asks Adama where Starbuck is going. Adama stares into space and says, "Home."

Next time: Crashdown shakes Baltar, Boomer gets a mission, and Apollo draws a gun on Tigh. Woo.

Production card: Moore says, "This will shock you." Eick laughs and magic sparks shoot out of his hands. Moore glows, turns into Martha Stewart, and falls to his knees shrieking, "No!" like the Wicked Witch. It's worth going through it slowly to catch the image of Stewart with a mustache.

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