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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I

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Sex, Drugs, And New Age Music

Baltar splashes some water on his face as Six appears behind him. Baltar harrumphs that he'd like to be alone. Six replies by slamming his forehead into the mirror. Baltar yowls, and we see a wide shot of him standing alone in the bathroom with his forehead pressed against the mirror. Then back to close-up, and Six's hand holds him in place as she asks how he could be in love with Starbuck. A valid question. Baltar insists that he isn't, but Six growls, "You can't lie to me; I know everything you know." She releases him and steps back, and Baltar gingerly looks at the cut she's opened on his forehead. He huffily thanks her for that and asks if she wanted anything in particular. Six tells him that it's not safe aboard the Galactica. When Baltar asks what she means, Six will only say, "It's a surprise." Baltar tries playing twenty questions, asking if there's a bomb on board, or a Cylon agent who's going to be activated. Six just stares at him in the mirror until Baltar whirls around shrieking, "Tell me!" Six is gone.

Boomer and Crashdown take off on a search for "supplies." They jump FTL, and arrive in very close proximity to a pretty blue-green planet spotted with clouds. Sirens on the Raptor go off as they are caught by the planet's gravity, but they straighten out after minute and calm down. Boomer calls Gaeta an idiot while Crashdown laughs and insists, "It's fine, we made it, we're cool." Having recovered, they check their readouts and, discover that there's a radio station on the planet broadcasting mystical music that suggests a feeling of wonder. Or maybe that's the soundtrack. Crashdown reports that there's a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere, and enough carbon dioxide to support plant life. He declares that this planet could solve all their problems. That seems pretty unlikely, unless there's a huge stockpile of lithium on the planet. He asks Boomer if she thinks they've found Earth. Boomer stares out and replies, "No, it's not Earth. It's more important than that."

Commercials. In the original concept, Moore says that they planned to intersperse Jack & Bobby-ish interview clips with the characters commenting from some later point in time. I'm so glad they didn't do that. He adds that they may do something like that in another episode later, which I'm neutral about, I think it would have detracted from the urgency of all the storylines to do that here.

Caprica. Day 50. It's raining. And it's actually dark! Helo and Boomer are both crouching somewhere. Under, um, something. Could be the doorway of the building they were next to, but I'm not sure. The point is that they're getting a minimal amount of shelter from the rain, and look pretty miserable. Boomer leans against a wall, and a few yards away, Helo leans against another wall as he finishes injecting himself with the anti-radiation meds. He rests his hand on his knee, with his gun still aimed at Boomer. Boomer sniffs, "It doesn't really work as well as before, huh?" Helo has no response. Possibly because he's not sure what she means, or maybe that was me. I think she's talking about the meds, but at first I thought she meant the gun. I don't know. After a while, Boomer moans that she does feel the cold. Helo still isn't feeling chatty. She finally says, "There are some things you should know, Helo." That gets him to talk: he snaps, "Don't call me that." He says that she's not Sharon, or human, and that she can't act like she knows him. Wow, even I haven't been that harsh. Oh, unless he means that she "shouldn't." Boomer insists that she is Sharon, and says he needs to understand that. In response, Helo shoots past her head, hitting the wall nearby. Boomer cringes as Helo shouts, "Sharon was a friend of mine." Much of the audience supplies, "And you, Ma'am, are no Sharon." Helo says that all he wants from her is a way off the planet. With that, it's Boomer's turn to glare silently. It's nice that they're taking that in shifts.

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