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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I

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Sex, Drugs, And New Age Music

Apollo marches across the flight deck, where Starbuck is working on the Raider. He rather stiffly asks if she's going hunting. Starbuck expositions that they're planning an FTL test tomorrow, and that she also wants to find out if the Raider can shoot their ammunition. She refers to the ship as "our boy here," and Apollo makes a big thing about how she used to refer to the ship as female, and now everyone else does but she doesn't. Starbuck smirks, "That's fascinating, Lee, you should write a paper." Apollo says that he's not the paper-writing type, unlike, say, Dr. Baltar. And then he presses "play" on a tape recorder so that there's a "dun dun DUN" chord, and wheels around with a camera, snaps a picture of Starbuck's face, and runs off to examine the photo with a microscope to analyze her reaction. Well, he doesn't, but that's kind of the effect. Not that it's badly written, it's just that Apollo isn't so good at subtle. To his disappointment, Starbuck doesn't even blink at hearing Baltar's name. Apollo tries again, asking how Baltar is, and Starbuck shrugs that she hasn't seen him. Apollo pauses for a second and looks down at the floor as he says, "So he's a love 'em and leave 'em kinda guy, I guess." Starbuck calmly agrees, with her back to Apollo. She shakes her head slightly in disbelief. Apollo's still not done, and goes on about how Baltar and Starbuck were "ships that just pass in the night." Starbuck says yup. She keeps on tinkering with the ship as Apollo dogs her steps, nagging, "Just bored, nothing to do, so fracking the Vice-President of the Colonies just seemed like a great way to waste some time." Starbuck says that the President wasn't free at the time. Well, she doesn't, but wouldn't that have been great? Instead, she finally points out that she doesn't owe Apollo any explanation. Apollo agrees, "'Cause I'm just a CAG, and you're just a pilot." Starbuck agrees. Apollo adds, "A pilot who can't keep her pants on." Ooooo. Starbuck waits a beat and agrees. At this point Apollo's emotional dike has more cracks than the windshield we'll see later, so his freakiness is spraying everywhere as he adds that it's just like old times: "Like when you got drunk and you couldn't keep your hands off that Major from wherever-- " Starbuck whirls around and socks Apollo in the jaw. Whoa! Apollo promptly punches her. Awesome! I mean, obviously, not awesome for real people, but...awesome! It's particularly nice that we can see some crewmen in the background who stop to watch what's going on. The fight's over as quickly as it started, as Starbuck holds her cheek and Apollo wipes some blood from his mouth. I like that Starbuck doesn't gasp "You hit me!" Although it might have been worth it to see another "Not to get all schoolyard..." response. Instead, she just walks away, and Apollo trails after her, whining, " Why'd you do it, Kara? Just tell me why." Starbuck coldly says, "'Cause I'm a screw-up, Lee. Try and keep that in mind."

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