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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I

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Adama's Quarters. The Prez shares her wacky theory with Adama: "If we had the Arrow of Apollo, we could take it down to Kobol and we could use it to open the tomb of Athena and find our way to Earth." I don't know why I want to use so many Angel punchlines this week, but: "Okay, now you're making this up." Adama says that he didn't know the Prez was so religious. The Prez smiles and says that she didn't, either. She asks if there's anything wrong with that, and Adama says no, it's just new. He reminds her that there isn't any Earth. The Prez argues, "Just because you and I don't know where it is doesn't mean it doesn't exist." Adama wearily says that he's not mocking her faith, but that the legends about Kobol are just stories: "Don't let it blind you to the reality that we face." The Prez says the reality is that the captured Raider can go FTL, and the Cylon's technology exceeds theirs: "There is a good chance the Raider can jump all the way back to Caprica and retrieve that arrow and find our way to Earth, the real Earth." Adama points out that the Raider is a military resource, and he's not going to waste it on a wild arrow chase.

The survey team sets out in three Raptors. Two of the pilots chat amongst themselves about whether they should settle on Kobol or use the legends to find Earth. The third pilot, Crashdown, tells them to hush as they get ready to go FTL. Also aboard Crashdown's ship are Cally, another chick who might be Ensign Davis, Tyrol, Socinus, Baltar, and a couple of handsome guys. And I might be missing someone, but the point is that it's crowded. Socinus, né Gallant, got a get-out-of-jail-free card in a deleted scene. At least one, if not both, of the other Raptors have some Marines aboard. The Raptors jump.

Pop-pop-pop. The Raptors wink back into space by Kobol. On one of the Marine-heavy Raptors, a buzzer goes off and the radar shows other ships nearby. The pilot looks out through the side window. The pilot's face is in close-up. Behind him, through the window, blackness. And then a shape coming straight toward them. And then the shape is a fast-approaching Raider. We don't actually see the Raider fire, but this whole thing I'm describing is three seconds long, so I'm only getting this much detail by going as close to frame-by-frame as my VCR can. The window suddenly cracks, and then there are fireballs outside the ship as the pilot gasps, "Oh my gods!" And then there's a fireball inside the ship. The Raider, along with a dozen or so of his closest friends, zooms through the wreckage and approaches a honkin' big Basestar poised near Kobol. Hey, I wondered if something like this would happen! Okay, I was thinking of the whole fleet jumping into the a crowd of Cylons, but still. I'm a little bit psychic again!

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