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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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One of the naked Boomers says, "You're confused and scared, but it's okay." She pulls the helmet off of Boomer's head. Boomer insists that she's not a Cylon: "I'm Sharon Valerii, I was born on Troy. My parents were Katherine and Abraham Valerii." The other Boomers gently stroke the bandage on her cheek and tell her that she can't fight destiny. More Boomers arrive and tell her, "Don't worry about us. We'll see you again." They tell her that they love her and always will. Boomer decides she's had quite enough creepiness and rushes back to the hatch. Racetrack opens the hatch, and Boomer jumps in and immediately gets ready to take off. Racetrack asks where her helmet went. Boomer snaps, "Close the hatch. Don't turn around!" The Raptor takes off. The crowd of Boomers gathers around the nuke that's sitting on the floor. One kneels next to it and strokes her hand over it like it's her new pet.

The Raptor zips away from the Basestar. Another thing I like is that they don't make a big thing out of "Can they get out before the bomb goes off?" The Raptor passes the camera, there's a white flash on the Basestar in the background, and then everything goes kerblooey. The screen is all white for a second and then there's some nice bits of broken Basestar arms drifting away from a big white cloud. Pretty.

Tigh is on the phone with Adama, telling him what his damn fool kid did this time. Adama tells Tigh to bring Apollo to CIC, and to put the Prez in the brig. He hangs up as Gaeta announces that Boomer and Racetrack have returned. Boomer calls in and reports, "Mission accomplished. Repeat, mission accomplished. The Basestar is history." The extras in the background clap and woohoo and so forth. Adama loudly declares, "There's some good news," and orders the Raptor back to Galactica. I know he's busy and all, but it does seem a little odd that he's not immediately sending out a squad to collect the people stranded on Kobol.

Caprica. Starbuck whimpers and starts to move off of Six. Helo rushes up and starts to help her. Six lies dead, with a convenient bit of rebar or something sticking through her ribs. Presumably the same rebar was also going through Starbuck, so it was like a shishkablonde for a second there. Helo holds Starbuck and gasps, "I can't believe it. You are, like, the last person I expected to see." Starbuck admits that she could say the same thing. Helo laughs with just the tiniest bit of mania and asks if she's okay. Starbuck nods, but I think she's lying. Helo helps Starbuck stand and lean back against a wall. After a moment, Starbuck grins, "Oh, I missed you!," and pulls Helo in for a hug. Aw. Helo stares at her happily. They're a cute couple. I imagine Penikett is also kind of pleased to have someone new to do scenes with. Starbuck stops grinning as she stares up at something. Helo turns to look, and sees Boomer staring down at them. Helo starts to say something, but Starbuck grabs his gun and takes aim as she shrieks, "She's a Cylon!" Boomer dashes away like a bunny before Starbuck can fire. Helo grabs Starbuck's arm and shouts, "No, no, you can't! You can't!" There's a tiny beat and he adds, "She's pregnant." Hee. Starbuck stares at Helo with a nice mix horror and confusion and then gives a twitchy little scream. I think she's still fighting for control of the gun a little, but she might just be shaking. It's the noise you want to make after a really bad day. And frankly, she's having one. She drops the gun and slides down onto the ground as Helo tries to be reassuring.

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