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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol & Chains

In the opera house, Six and Baltar kiss passionately.

Adama falls onto the console as Boomer fires again. Someone tackles her, and Apollo starts to run forward.

More kissing on Kobol. If you time things just right, you can see Baltar press his nose against Six's so that it tilts back and gives her a piggy face. Hee.

Boomer falls to the floor with a couple of soldiers holding her. Adama collapses on the console table as Apollo and Tigh grab him.

More kissing. And swirling.

Apollo stands by Adama's head shouting as Tigh tries to press his hands over the wounds. Gaeta grabs a phone. We get a nice shot of spittle flying out of Apollo's mouth as he screams. Hooray for spittle. Boomer looks numb, but what else is new? And then we get sound again and time resumes normalcy as Apollo screams for someone to get Cottle. Blood is soaking through Adama's jacket and down onto the console. A siren blares. Dualla holds Adama's right hand and presses it to her lips before looking around tearfully. Aw. Apollo presses his head against Adama's and cries. Boomer has a nice sad "oopsie" expression.

The camera pans up to the ruined archway on Kobol.

And back to CIC one last time. Dualla, Apollo, and Tigh hold Adama. I wonder if the Prez just lost her claim to the "dying leader" title. Fade out.

Next season: some will lead, and some will follow the road to destruction. At least, that's what Apollo claims. Moore does say that the Season 2 premiere will pick up moments after that last scene.

Production card: Khan! Sci-Fi was showing a promo, so the card was smooshed to the side. It looks like a deliveryman brings Moore and Eick packages, and then giant jack-in-the-box versions of the deliveryman pop out of the boxes and devour Moore and Eick. But the deliveryman said something before that, and I don't know what. I'm sure that would have made it all perfectly clear. Really.

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