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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol & Chains

CIC. Adama and Tigh have moved up to the Core to chat. Tigh is marveling at Starbuck's disappearing act. Adama says that Starbuck must have been "coerced." Tigh says, "No one coerces Starbuck. Believe me, I've tried." Hee. Dualla announces that the Prez is on the phone. Adama asks Tigh to listen in and "bear witness." Tigh puts on a headset while Adama takes the phone. Adama tells the Prez about Starbuck's unauthorized jump, and asks if she knows anything about it. The Prez calmly replies, "The question you really want to ask me is whether or not I asked Lieutenant Thrace to take the raider to Caprica. And the answer to your question is yes." Adama trades a look with Tigh before he says, "You and I talked about this." He's such a dad: "But -- but we agreed!" The Prez says that her responsibility "to protect and preserve this fleet and its future" outweighed everything else. Adama points out that she's put the people on Kobol in even more danger, and the Prez agrees but says, "I am also deeply aware of the danger this civilization will be in if I ignore the pursuit of this arrow." Adama takes that in, and finally says, "I'm going to have to ask you for your resignation, Madam President." Whoa. The Prez refuses, and Adama declares that he's going to terminate her presidency. Double whoa. The Prez double-dog dares him to come arrest her. Adama says that he doesn't want to use force, and the Prez replies that she doesn't want it to come to that. She adds, "Neither does the press. They're here, by the way." We get a shot of the other people in her office here, and the thing I like is, she's bluffing. Well, first I thought, "Hey, where are those people with the silly names?" and then I realized that they weren't there because she's a big lying liar. The people in the cabin, for the record, are the High Priestess of Vague Mysticism, Billy, and a couple of suited extras that are distinctly not reporters. The Prez lies even more, claiming that the reporters are recording their conversation. Adama hangs up.

Adama and Tigh hurry down into CIC as Apollo arrives. Adama orders that Colonial One be isolated, with any transmissions jammed. He asks for a strike team to go after the Prez, grumbling, "If she can turn Starbuck against us, she's capable of anything." But then he says that she's bluffing, and Tigh sighs that he hopes so. Tigh reminds us, "There's also a Cylon baseship out there to deal with." Adama says, "Leave that to me." And for a second I think he's just gonna go glare the Basestar into submission. Which I believe he could do. Y'know, just fly out there in a Raptor and say, "Listen, I am having a really. Bad. Day. You don't want to mess with me right now." And then the Basestar would say, "Oh, dude, sorry," and jump away.

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