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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol & Chains

Colonial One. The Prez reassures herself, "This government survived a Cylon attack; it will survive William Adama." In an amusing parallel, she thinks that Adama is bluffing, but figures that they should take precautions just in case. In other news, Billy seems to be having a bad hair day. He should borrow some of the Prez's product.

CIC. Tigh and Apollo are looking over blueprints of the Colonial One. Apollo says that he knows the ship's security detail, and frets that they'll have to take the ship "compartment by compartment." Tigh points out that they've only had the budget to build two sets for the ship, and we've only seen one of them since the miniseries, so it shouldn't be a big deal. I kid because I love, y'all. Adama bustles over to Gaeta and asks about the two remaining iSpies. Gaeta says that only one of them is in working order. Adama says that's all he needs, and tells the air, "Now I need a pilot."

Sickbay. Boomer stands at attention next to her bunk, her face still bandaged. Adama as-you-weres her and pulls the curtain around her bed. Oh my. That's actually a slightly odd thing to do, because while it creates the illusion of privacy, now they can't see if someone comes into the room. Adama asks Boomer how she's feeling, and Boomer insists that it looks worse than it is. I think the response Adama was hoping for was, "Still kind of suicidal, actually," because that might be a selling point in this case. Adama tries to steal Tyrol's understatement award by saying that "things are moving very quickly." Boomer assures him that she's ready to fly. Adama gets to the point, and explains that he has a high-risk mission. He explains about the iSpy, and asks Boomer to jump to Kobol, and head for the Basestar. Boomer points out that the Cylons will see the Raptor once they're in visual range. Adama assures her, "For all they know, you could be two Cylon agents returning with a captured Raptor." He adds that Boomer should act as if she's going to dock, and then fire the nuke into the loading bay and jump back to the Galactica. Boomer says, "I can do it, Sir, I know I can." Watching this again, the weird thing for me is that they didn't play up the obvious reason we should be tense about this. I mean, they're giving Boomer a nuke. On the one hand, I'm glad they didn't do some huge fake-out where they acted like she was going to nuke the Galactica, because I wouldn't have bought that, but I do kind of wish they'd given us a moment to think, "Er, that's not a good idea." Because it didn't occur to me to look at it that way until now.

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