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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol & Chains

Three Raptors fly toward Colonial One. In CIC, Adama tells Dualla to tell Apollo to let them know when the marines have "a soft seal" on the hull. Dualla seems a little hesitant. Gaeta tells Adama that Boomer and Racetrack are ready to jump to Kobol. Racetrack is one of the chicks we've seen around, whom I haven't bothered to identify before because I'm lazy. She was in the attack on the fuel depot. Adama gets on the radio and tells Boomer, "Just wanted to say good luck, good hunting, and I have complete faith in the both of you." Boomer thanks Adama, and the camera follows her Raptor as it winks out. And then the camera swings back to show the Raptors clinging onto Colonial One, as Apollo calls in. Sometimes the whole documentary-style camera work in the FX shots doesn't do much for me, but I thought that was very nice at establishing location and also made a nice transition to...

...Colonial One. The Prez reassures everyone, "When push comes to shove, [Adama's] the kind of man who will not want bloodshed." On the other hand...she says the cabin may not be safe, and advises everyone to join the civilians in the cargo hold: "This my choice. You do not have to come with me." Billy immediately says, "We stand with our President." Aw. Then the HPVM says, "Screw that," and runs away. Not really. Instead, a phone buzzes and Billy answers. After listening, he tells the Prez, "Security Commander reports sounds of someone cutting through the hull." The Prez looks down for a second and then folds her arms like, "They are so paying to fix that."

CIC. Dualla tells Adama that the strike team is cutting into Colonial One. Adama asks her to get the Prez on the phone.

Caprica. Starbuck has landed her Raider outside the museum. She pulls out her gun before hurrying up the stairs toward the rubble-filled door. Inside, there are a lot of smashed display cabinets, and some statues still standing on pedestals. Starbuck opens up a tin of anti-radiation vials and injects herself in the shoulder. Owie. Then she straps her belt back on and starts to stalk through the museum, her gun at the ready.

Boomer's Raptor flies toward the Basestar. Racetrack wonders if the iSpy is working. Boomer says, "We're about to find out." As they approach the Basestar, a mess of Raiders fly out toward them. What I like is, we just get a long shot of the Raiders flying past, as seen from the Raptor. We don't get a lot of intercut shots with Boomer and Racetrack looking nervous, of sweat trickling from their foreheads, or whatever. The Raiders fly past, and then we go back to see Boomer and Racetrack exhaling. It's nice that they let the characters react without playing it up like the audience was supposed to be tense about it.

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