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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol & Chains

Kobol. Crashdown pulls a blanket over the face of the handsome pilot. He walks over to the other handsome guy, who has great hair, and the chick I thought might be Ensign Davis but who, now that I can see her hair, isn't. Should I start over? Sorry. Crashdown walks over to a couple of soldiers. The woman is playing with something that I'm forced to describe as a tricorder, and says that she hasn't gotten a response. Crashdown crankily grabs the tricorder and asks, "Are you even trained to use this thing?" I wish the other handsome guy would say something. He has great hair. Crashdown marches over to where Tyrol and Cally are tending to Socinus. Tyrol says, "I don't know if his lungs are burned or what." Crashdown casually insists that he'll pull through, and advises Tyrol to see to his own cuts and bruises. Then Crashdown hurries off uphill. Tyrol follows, and awkwardly asks, "Shouldn't we be moving out? I mean, do you have a plan for tactical deployment?" Crashdown snorts that they should move to high ground, so that they can be spotted by a search party. Tyrol points out that if they do that, the Cylons will also be able to see them. Crashdown looks panicked for a second, and then nods and agrees. The point of this scene is that Crashdown is totally unprepared for this situation, really. And he's trying to act like he's cool with it. The other point is that Tyrol's thinking more strategically, as he suggests that they take cover somewhere and get stealthy. Crashdown nods and agrees curtly, and then stomps off toward the burned Raptor. Tyrol watches Crashdown stroll away and then scratches his head like a monkey.

Some Raiders and, I think, some other ships fly over the Basestar off Kobol. Aboard Boomer's Raptor, Boomer tells Racetrack to get ready to launch the nuke and jump. Racetrack fiddles with some equipment and announces that the bomb release is jammed. Boomer closes her eyes and then stares through the windshield, looking worried. She finally suggests docking: "They think we're Cylons, they'll let us dock. We can release the bomb manually and drop the nuke inside the ship itself." The Raptor descends toward one of the Basestar's arms and heads for a docking bay.

Kobol. Tyrol calls for Targ and Selix. Selix is the chick, and Targ is the other handsome guy. I can't believe his name is Targ. He's too handsome to have a caveman name. ["Also, isn't Targ Klingon food?" -- Wing Chun] Tyrol tells Cally to keep Socinus warm.

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