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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol & Chains

In his comfy bed of weeds, Baltar hears Six ask, "How are you?" He opens his eyes and sees her standing over him. It's worth noting that there's a bandage on Baltar's neck, so presumably someone came by and checked on him in the interval. It is a little weird that nobody's checked on him or woken him up since, though. Especially with an injured soldier around; you'd think they'd be all, "Hey, a doctor is a doctor." Anyway. Baltar tells Six that she saved his life, and she asks if he'd like to return the favor. Baltar asks, "You in need of saving?" Six sort of sadly says, "You wondered why you were chosen? Why God chose you, above all other humans, to survive and serve his purpose? Now's the time to find out why." She takes Baltar's hand as he gets up, and leads him away past some fallen stone columns.

Commercials. I wish the Sci-Fi channel would just number their giant snake movies. it'd be simpler for everyone. Giant Snake Movie #7 isn't a great title, but neither is Snake King, so who cares?

Colonial One. The Prez's security team is preparing for battle. The HPVM leads a prayer circle. Shut up, HPVM. On the phone, Billy says that the Prez will not yield. Dualla passes on the message to Adama, who sighs, "So be it." Gaeta shakes his head a tiny bit and then turns back to his controls. Billy privately says to Dualla, "Tell me he's not actually gonna do this." Dualla whispers back, "Tell me she's not gonna make him do it." The prayer circle is interrupted by a metallic pounding. Dualla asks Billy what's happening. Billy says, "They're in," and hangs up the phone. The Colonial One's passengers gather around the Prez, while her security goons stand in a line in front of her with their guns aimed at the doorway. Back on the Galactica, Dualla is still saying, "Billy?" into the phone. After getting no response, she turns to Adama and reports, "They're in."

Caprica. Starbuck moves through the tastefully rubble-ized museum toward a case. The case is still intact, although if you freeze-frame you can just barely make out the label in the corner that says "In case of apocalypse, break glass." Inside is a metal arrow held in a statue's hand. Starbuck raises her gun and fires, shattering the glass dramatically.

Kobol. Six leads Baltar toward the Stonehenge-y ruins as someone wakes up the violinist.

Starbuck walks up to the hand and pulls the arrow out from its fingers. As she looks at it skeptically, Six steps into the frame behind her. Six says, "Pretty, isn't it?" Starbuck spins around and is promptly punched. Starbuck falls back into the case and poses there long enough for Six to say, "Hello, Lieutenant. Something I can help you with?" Then Starbuck kicks up and does a reverse somersault so that she winds up standing on the other side of the case. Starbuck jumps up and takes aim at Six, who is already dodging behind a pillar. Starbuck shoots and hits the pillar, then turns to shoot again as Six runs behind her. The shot knocks down a statue. Six keeps on skittering, and vanishes somehow. Starbuck looks around nervously, like maybe she's realized that somebody's going to be pretty pissed off about all the stuff she's breaking.

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