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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol & Chains

Boomer and Racetrack fly into the Basestar. It's reasonably alien. Like, there's no clear floor, and everything's curvy and dark and there are a lot of tentacle-ish pipes or cables. Basically, it's similar to the inside of the Raider, only less drippy. There's also a large pyramid-shaped thingy that I would investigate. If I were there. And not planting a nuclear bomb at the time. Boomer and Racetrack stare out at the ship with nice "What the fuck?" expressions, which may do more to convey the alien-ness than the FX do. The Raptor descends into what I guess is the center of the ship, which turns out to be a huge empty space. I wonder if the Raiders hang inside like bats. That would be really freaking cool. Moore mentions that he originally thought they would just land in a big white chamber and not see anything, on the grounds that anything they showed us would be a disappointment. But this ain't bad. Boomer places the Raptor on one of these great big curvy platforms that look like scales. Best caption of the episode: "(thud)," as the Raptor lands. Racetrack opens the hatch, and Boomer gets ready to head out. She tells Racetrack to keep the ship ready for takeoff, and to close the hatch again once Boomer is outside. She adds, "If I'm not back in five minutes, just go." Racetrack is fine with that. Heh. And later, she'll probably wish she had. Boomer steps outside and keeps her gun ready as she peers around. Nothing happens. The wall they're near looks like a big melted honeycomb. Kind of. The floor sags slightly under Boomer feet, and sticks to her shoes. Boomer prods a curving bit of wall experimentally, and then turns back to the Raptor and starts fussing with the bomb latched under the wing.

Starbuck holds her gun in one hand and the arrow in the other as she looks around nervously. I think the thing you want to do in this situation is get your back against a wall. Unless you're Starbuck, in which case you wander out through the room, turning around ever step or two. Six makes the most of the acoustics as she calls, "Welcome back to Caprica, Lieutenant. Like what we've done with the place?" Hm. I expect more wit from Six. Starbuck keeps on wandering through the room, and Six finally steps out a few feet away from her. Starbuck swings her arm around to shoot, and Six neatly takes the gun, tosses it aside, then kicks Starbuck away. Tricia Helfer carries herself really nicely in this fight. It's a little bit Terminator, I guess, but that's not really a bad thing. She's just very calm and decisive. Starbuck stays on her feet, and makes a halfhearted attempt to stab Six with the arrow. Six punches Starbuck and takes the arrow away. Next? Starbuck punches Six a few times, and Six reacts about as much as a wall would. Then Six kicks Starbuck a few times, grabs her by the hair, and slams her into another piece of statuary. The violinist continues to lose his mind.

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