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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol & Chains

Colonial One. The marines storm into the cabin, guns drawn, and face off against the Prez's guards. Two lines of men stand maybe six feet apart with their guns aimed at each other. The Prez wonders if she can slow things down if she says, "Wait! I need to clean my glasses, and I don't want to miss anything!" Tigh and Apollo step into view behind the guards, and the violinist finally relaxes. Everyone else is still pretty darn tense.

Boomer hammers her fist against the top of the nuke, which is just funny. It suddenly drops down with a clank. Boomer stands up and hears someone says, "Sharon." And by "someone," I mean, "herself." She looks around and then walks around the back of the ship, out of sight.

Inside, Racetrack shrieks, "What the frack are you doing? Where are you going?" She turns to her controls and sits down so she can panic properly.

Boomer, gun drawn, wanders around the ship then stops. Behind the Raptor is an opening in one of the walls of drippy cables, and into that opening steps a naked Boomer. Backlit. Boomer doesn't know that it's Boomer yet, but we do. Or we certainly should. And then four more naked Boomers walk out. All of them begin whispering, "Sharon." Then they step into the light, sort of, so we can see that Boomer's head and shoulders have been superimposed onto a silhouette. Some of them work better than others. Some of them are just freaky. But the weirdest part is the lighting, which is intended to hide the naked naughtiness. Which, okay, except did they have to be naked for some reason? So each Boomer is lit on the face and upper shoulders and then the rest of her body is a black silhouette. And honestly, it looks like the Deep Space Nine uniforms where they're black with lighter material on the shoulders, and it's hard not to believe that's intentional, but Moore doesn't say anything about it. Anyway. Boomer stares at herselves and says, "This isn't happening."

Starbuck and Six continue trading punches. Starbuck is bloody and starting to look worn out. As for Six: her pants are a little dusty. Six knocks Starbuck down into some rubble, and it takes Starbuck a minute to get back up. Six asks, "Got anything left?" Starbuck charges Six with, I'm sure, a brilliant plan for attack that completely fails to come off, so Six just pummels her some more, throwing in some kicks for good measure. I can't believe I even get a fistfight. It's like someone made a show just for me. I'm starting to think that there will be pirates eventually. Starbuck stays on the floor as Six picks up the arrow, and behind her, we see Helo and Boomer scamper into the museum. Helo starts to take aim at Six. Then Starbuck rushes at Six like a bull, knocking her back so that they both fall through a large hole in the floor. They crash onto some more rubble. Helo stares down into the hole and finally says, "Starbuck?" Hee.

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