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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I

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A Stupidly Tilting Planet

The rest of the Raptor fleet jumps in from the first try, even more magnificently, and Starbuck immediately notices that they've lost "someone already." She checks who, and this is awesome and tiny. As she says the name, the focus throbs, for just a beat, past Starbuck to Sharon -- "It's Racetrack" -- and then back again to the foreground. This show is gorgeous! I wasn't even thinking that when I noticed this. I just thought that it was an issue about not trusting Sharon. Sharon immediately gets an "oh, fuck" headache, because she's still a pilot inside, especially now, back on her turf, as Helo asks Starbuck how they get back to grab that Raptor, and Starbuck shakes her head a bit. "Mission rules say we keep going unless we lose three. So we keep going. Racetrack will just have to find her way back to base." Heavy is the head, etc., quietly to herself: "It's a hell of a way to start, though."

Note the tag, the last line, above. Nice.

Back to Fr. Cavill and Tyrol, starting their own mission, back on Galactica. This show, man. "Let's talk about what happened," Cavill suggests. Chief talks about how he can't believe it, can't believe how that could happen with Cally, how it's "like it's a nightmare." Again, we are treated to various flashbacks of the attack. "She said you were asleep when she found you," says Cavill. Good, that means everybody knows what happened, and has judged it a personal freakout issue and not a reason to hand Tyrol to Gaius or Tigh. "Were you having a nightmare when she woke you up?" Cavill asks. There's a flash of Tyrol swan-diving off a bulkhead, and he stutters, "I...don't remember." Cavill's like, "Right. So...been having any recurring dreams lately?" Chief's shoe, walking in the blue light. "No," says Chief. Cavill changes his tone of voice just enough to startle: "Okay. That's what we in the pray trade call a lie. And lies aren't going to get you anywhere, my friend. So skip over the denials and the deceptions and let's get right down to it, shall we? You're having dreams. What are they?" Two things here. First, if you haven't seen the West Wing episode "Noel," go watch it now. This isn't a rip-off or anything like that, but it's an interesting compare-and-contrast. Secondly -- and this one is frankly more important: "Dear Aaron Douglas. Not to get gay on you, but you must never shave again. Let it slide about two days before any time listed on your call sheet. Love, Everybody in the World." Dude's looking hotter than Eick right now. Chief looks down, up, down, chewing his lip, walking that edge of denial he first learned so well with Boomer, way way back, to where he could draw its contours blindfolded. With his toes.

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