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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I

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A Stupidly Tilting Planet

Adama and Roslin listen to the wireless in his quarters. It's a cool shot that tracks from the radio up to Tory, who's pacing, so that follows her almost 360 degrees around the room, dipping down to glaring Adama, across the worried aides, and then again to rest on Roslin, broken, all while the radio is talking. It's Jim, interviewing Zarek in Spin Alley. "I thought Dr, Baltar did exceptionally well," Zarek says. "Laid out his vision of the future and offered the people a way to end the suffering and terror that defines so many of their lives. On the other hand, I found myself wondering how Roslin's arguments against settlement could possibly win." Well...yeah. Ouch.

Into a golden Caprica forest, where the pilots and Marines are all wearing full flight gear and helmets and goggles, stalking quietly through the brush, whispering and being super-sneaky. Starbuck and "Karl" talk about getting their bearings for a second before Sharon gives a fist signal to stop and chill. Helo responds to Starbuck, as they stop moving, that the base camp for the Resistance is about a click ahead, and Sharon notes movement at 11 o'clock. Everybody drops, Starbuck between Helo and Sharon, and peers at the bodies in the distance. Boomer peeks out from behind their fallen tree as Starbuck quietly asks, "Friendlies?" This part is cool because there's that mic-on-fabric sound that should be disruptive, but actually adds to the sense of danger and hush. Helo finally yells into the forest, "You got a Samuel T. Anders there?" and Barclay calls back, "Is there a Kara Thrace there?" Anders adds, "If there is, you tell her she took her good, sweet time getting here." Kara smiles, dropping back against the log for a second. Boomer looks bored and tired and in hell, but that's just maybe because they didn't give her toaster ass a helmet. Helo, the only champion in all of humanity, both inside and outside the show, for Kara's relationship with Anders: "Friendlies." Everybody stands up.

The two groups converge in the yellow woods, and Starbuck and Anders hug hard. There are tears. "What took you so long?" he smiles, and she grabs him by the uniform. "We have Marines and Raptors. We're gonna get you and your people out of here, okay?" He smiles. "As good as your word, huh?" And she's adorably Starbuck, all feisty, "Yeah, good as my frackin' word. What, did you think I was going to leave you here? Now you feel like a big frackin' idiot, don't you?" "All right, just shut up and save us already, okay?" So say we all. Buzzkill Barclay interrupts the reunion: "People, this is nice, but we have toasters on our ass." Starbuck asks after the rest of Anders's group, and his face falls. "This is it. Toasters hit our base camp this morning. I lost half my crew." Starbuck's sorry a second before Sharon screams, "Incoming!" and shells start dropping all around them. Bodies flying, people running, Black Hawk Down, the whole bit. Starbuck orders them all back to the Raptors, but Helo and Sharon countermand: "Shell trajectories are coming between us and the Raptors. We're cut off!" I wonder if heavy artillery like that is something that Raptor people like Sharon and Helo would instinctively be able to read better, because of their jobs. Interesting. Anders and Sharon watch the sky, everybody huddles in the clearing together, shells exploding everywhere. Trapped. To Be Continued!

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