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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I

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A Stupidly Tilting Planet

Next week's an hour and a half! That's tight. Thoughts: I've started calling the Six/Eight movement on Caprica DEMAND LOVE. So I think that DEMAND LOVE is going to save the rescue team within the teaser, and everybody is going to wig out for ninety minutes about how come they're Cylons, but they're being nice. I think that Gaius, who's clearly going to win the election, is going to start the colonization of Planet Natasiland, or Myhugecockia, or whatever stupid thing he calls it, immediately. Probably Roslin, Adama, and Tigh will land themselves in hack. I think Roslin will remember her Caprica memory about Gaius, but it won't matter. I think Gina and that wormy little follower of hers are going to blow a shitload of people up. Is that all the plot threads? That's so awesome. What a great show.

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Battlestar Galactica




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