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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I

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A Stupidly Tilting Planet

Apollo stands at the front of the brief, Starbuck at the podium with Gaeta and Boomer behind him. "No one has ever attempted a rescue mission from this distance, much less behind enemy lines. You'll be making history just by making the attempt. But bring these people back from Caprica...and you'll be making part of the future." Pause while they, and we, get weird about this. Racetrack -- I always think of Original Boomer with her, because she's so into it, so ready to prove herself, so excited about the mission, about heroism; so beautiful -- asks, by way of telling the COs that nobody's taking the 2A, "If you guys find Earth before we get back, will you save us a few seats?" Apollo smiles, and Racetrack smiles back. Starbuck: "Earth? Hell, if we find any rock with food and water, I'll build you guys a bar." She nods, and Apollo gaetas ("See? I told you I wouldn't be long") for the wireless so that they can listen to the debate, which he characterizes, humorously, as the "fun they'll be missing for the next five days." As Jim the Moderator, whom we'll be talking about in a sec, tells us the basics -- that this is the first of two debates and that the election's in a month -- Boomer stands and nearly meets Starbuck's eyes: "Can I go now?" She's so out of it. Just demoralized and taken apart on every level. I'd rather she were bashing her head into something; it's too hard. All she's lost. Starbuck nods and asks the Marines to take Boomer out of there. Helo follows, and the rest of the pilots crowd the radio.

Still in the teaser! I know! The guitar gets suspenseful as Cally gets closer to Chief, just about ready to find him. It's scary.

Now, in the Galactica briefing room, Jim is super-hot. You know how the news anchors on TV shows always have that square blonde Jim Dial hair, and the jaw? They all look like Buddy Baker? And that patrician "most trusted voice in America" thing happening, no matter how young they are? Yeah: Jim is super-hot. Even in a flashy brassy rusty burnt-orange Aaron Doral jacket. "Now here comes Vice-President Gaius Baltar into the room, as we...uh...we await Madam President. Laura Roslin is very much ahead in the polls at this point..." The members of the press or Quorum or whomever look around and get chatty with each other, as Gaius stands at the front of the room, not embarrassing himself for once. I love camera-ready Gaius. "We believe that, uh...She's entering the room shortly, but still...still, of course, waiting for her." Jim does a good debate moderator. Is he in The Colonial Gang? He should be. (The real question is, will I get more "What's with the obsession?" emails about him than I did about Red Devil. That's the question.) The camera finally tracks Roslin's campaign into the briefing room as Jim continues telling us stuff about how Gaius announced his candidacy a month ago, and that he's "one of the most admired and brilliant scientific minds of our generation" and "played a critical role in saving the human race" and whatever. Zarek stands off to the side, hand still all pins-and-needles-y from the art of puppetry, as Gaius and Laura shake hands. "I'm going to wipe the floor with you, Gaius," says Laura, quietly and with a huge smile. "You must be losing your mind again," he laughs dorkishly. Laura: "If that's the best you can come up with, you really are in trouble. Good luck." Her pride and her assuredness. Remember the whole shit-for-hubris issue? Welcome to the scariest chapter.

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